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Double Degree with Johns Hopkins University

LMEC students can participate in a Double Degree with the Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins University - School of Advanced Studies (SAIS)

Thanks to a Double Degree agreement with the Johns Hopkins University - School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), students enrolled in LMEC have the opportunity to spend their second year at the Bologna Centre of SAIS and be awarded both the Laurea Magistrale in Economics from the University of Bologna and the Master of Arts in International Affairs (MAIA) from SAIS.


To be considered eligible for application to the Double Degree, students must:

  1. be enrolled in the first year of LMEC at University of Bologna, with no pending payments;
  2. apply to MAIA and obtain admission. SAIS is in charge of all the selection process; interested students have to follow the standards of admission to MAIA, and the related deadlines. LMEC students interested in applying should prepare their application for the MAIA during their first year at LMEC.
  3. have completed all the LMEC first-year exams before the beginning of the academic year at SAIS;

Exchange period

LMEC students admitted to MAIA will suspend their studies at the University of Bologna, enrol in the second year of  MAIA at SAIS and pay the relevant SAIS tuition fees. Please note that SAIS offers scholarships as well, totally or partially covering SAIS tuition fees; please refer to them for more information ( at SAIS, LMEC students admitted to MAIA will have to:

  • Take 1 law or law-related course;
  • Take 3 courses with economic content;
  • Take 1 quantitative course (e.g. data-analysis/statistics/big data);
  • Take a language course (Franch/Spanish/German) OR attend seminars (at least 10 and write a short report on 3 of them, to be chosen by the student);
  • If they wish (not mandatory), take any other MAIA course if SAIS allows for it.


After completion of the above requirements, students will write their dissertation - which will be graded -  at MAIA, and then will be awarded the Master of Arts in International Affairs from the Johns Hopkins University. By submitting the relevant academic documentation to Unibo soon after their SAIS graduation, their MAIA career will be converted into LMEC career and students will also be awarded the Laurea Magistrale in Economics from the University of Bologna.