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LM(EC)² Alumni Feedback

Please be aware that LMEC is the previous denomination for LM(EC)² for students who enrolled before a.y. 2023/2024

Choosing this master’s degree programme was one of the most important choices I have made so far in my life. The programme's high ambitions enable students to develop skills that are widely sought after in both job and PhD markets, and students are provided with a rich choice of courses as well as a great attention to detail during classes. The academic path is highly flexible towards everyone’s passions and interests, including a wide range of study abroad opportunities and extra-curricular activities. In addition, the cheerful and friendly environment forges indissoluble bonds with the people around you, in a vibrant city that makes you always feel at home. 


Following my first year at LMEC attending several economics and econometrics modules, my academic journey was enriched by an exchange programme at VU Amsterdam and an experience as Research Assistant in the financial econometrics field. After two work experiences in macroeconomic and market research at Generali Investments and Edison, I have joined Goldman Sachs International, where I perform economic and quantitative analyses. Since the first days of work career, I have applied on a daily basis models and tools deepened in the programme modules. Eventually, the main reason that confirms me to have made the right masters’ choice is the satisfaction of the professors themselves upon our personal and professional successes, proving the passion they put every single day into the masters’ activities.

Pierpaolo Coccia, Analyst at Goldman Sachs, LMEC Class of 2022

LMEC has been fundamental in the development of my career path. I arrived at LMEC after a disappointing experience at another university. This program helped me understand what I truly wanted to do and gave me some of the essential instruments to pursue my goals.

Overall, my experience at LMEC has been extremely positive. Professors are supportive and ready to help, and the environment is great. One of the main pros of this program is the availability of RAship spots for Master's students. This allowed me to develop first-hand experience in research during the two years I spent at LMEC, while building theoretical basis through the compulsory classes and the vast range of advanced optional courses. These courses cover a large part of a first-year PhD program and provide a head start to everyone who’s continuing on that path.
Another positive feature of LMEC is its support for all the students who want to continue with a PhD afterwards. The entire faculty helps students by both advising them and helping them organize the necessary steps for applications.

Given all the previous points, I strongly recommend anyone interested in pursuing an academic career to apply to LMEC.

Riccardo Pesci, Ph.D. candidate at European University Institute, LMEC Class of 2020

LMEC has been the bridge between my life as a student and as a professional. The classes I attended in LMEC provided me with the main theoretical tools I need to understand most research performed at the frontier of Economics and motivated me to follow an academic career. Additionally, the development of my own research thesis at the end of the program and the Internship I did as Research Assistant for some LMEC Faculty helped me become familiar with and develop basic practical tools that I am using in my everyday life as Research Fellow at Northwestern University.

Paula Natalia Barreto Parra, Research Fellow at Northwestern University Law School, LMEC Class of 2019

My experience at LMEC has been extremely enriching and I’d recommend it to any motivated and hard-working student about to choose a good economics master in Europe. In Italy, for instance, I believe there is no comparable program where you can enjoy such a cooperative and friendly environment – also thanks to the small class size – that is this rigorous, highly quantitative and yet accessible to students coming from a wide range of universities. The good name of LMEC and the great preparation it provides let us enter top PhD programs around the world. Students can shape extensively their study plan based on their interests, join exchange programmes in Europe and overseas and write their dissertation abroad. For instance, I worked on mine in Boston, from the research division of Burning Glass – a company collecting huge datasets on the US labor market. Finally, one of the main strengths of LMEC worth mentioning here is the faculty: a large number of passionate professors, very active in their research fields and internationally renowned, who at the same time hold LMEC students in high regard and are genuinely interested in increasing the quality of the program more and more.

Claudio Luccioletti, PhD Candidate at CEMFI, Lmec Class of 2018

LMEC was a great stepping-stone to achieve my career goals. The program was well designed to combine mathematical and economic aspects in the right proportion. The courses reflected the recent trends in economic research – one cannot easily find other masters in economics programs that teach data science in a rigorous manner along with the traditional economics courses.  Moreover, I was able to gain valuable research and tutorship experience, which are important skills to build for anyone who aspire to pursue a PhD. Thanks to the guidance and support of the faculty, I was able to produce a working paper at the end of my LMEC period, a process that taught me from the scratch how to formulate a research idea into useful piece of scientific contribution. The experience that I had in LMEC has been pivotal in my current academic career in financial economics. 
Goutham Gopalakrishna, Swiss Finance Institute, LMEC class of 2017

LMEC represented a key milestone for my career as an economic researcher. The programme provides advanced command over the quantitative tools necessary for research and endows its student with the ability to apply them to all fields of economics. Its grounding in theoretical economics combined with a focus on applied research make LMEC an excellent choice both for students aiming at top PhD programmes and for those planning on working immediately after. For me, it opened the door to a prestigious internship at the Bank of Italy’s Regional Economics Research Division. I was recently awarded a permanent post as a researcher at the Bank of Italy and the knowledge and quantitative methods mastered during LMEC will surely continue to play a pivotal role in my day-to-day work.
Irene Di Marzio, Bank of Italy, LMEC class of 2017

LMEC is a challenging programme that provides strong training in all the different fields of economics. It is both the perfect path for those who want to take a PhD and for those aiming to work right after. Straight after graduating from the LMEC I started working in London, as an Econometrician at Tesla (Europe) Ltd. In my everyday tasks at work I apply all the knowledge acquired in my two years of Masters study and couldn’t be happier with the preparation the programme provided. LMEC also offers prestigious exchange opportunities. I personally took part in the exchange programme established with the University of California, Berkeley and the experience was enriching both personally and for my career. Moreover, thanks to its international environment LMEC gave me the chance to meet and learn from people from all over the world. Finally, being a student in the lively city Bologna, provides the stimulating environment students are looking for.
Livia de SimoneEconometrician, Tesla (Europe),  Ltd, LMEC class of 2016

LMEC is an excellent program designed to offer students rigorous quantitative and analytical skills needed in preparation for doctoral programs or careers in economics. The program has helped enriching my knowledge starting from the foundations of economic theory and has equipped me with the main tools needed in economic analysis. Moreover, the seminars organized by the department help to keep abreast of the latest developments in economics. In addition to the excellent program, the faculty are also very accessible, helpful and motivating. The strong preparation from LMEC has helped me a lot in overcoming the challenges of a doctoral degree which I am currently pursuing at Rice University. I would recommend LMEC to anyone looking for a great research oriented program. The high quality of teaching, the prominent professors and the competitive atmosphere are a great combination for promising career outlooks and exceptional future success."
Kerda Varaku, Rice University, LMEC class of 2016

LMEC is an excellent and challenging program that offers a rigorous quantitative training for students who wish to pursue a PhD or a career in economics. LMEC fulfilled all my exopectations in terms of quality of teaching, emphasis on research and international exposure, and it provided me with a deep knowledge of economic theory and the empirical tools needed in economic analysis. Its research-oriented approach and the presence of both outstanding faculty and students contributed to create a very lively and stimulating environment, where I could develop my own research interests and ideas. LMEC offers also the chance to participate in prestigious exchange programs. I attended the Berkeley Economics Semester Abroad Program at the University of California, Berkeley, whose stimulating and enriching environment strongly contributed to my career. I am currently attending a PhD in Economics at the London School of Economics, and I found the solid preparation I acquired in the LMEC essential to overcome the challenges that a doctoral program poses. 
Viola Salvestrini, London School of Economics, LMEC Class of 2015

LMEC is a very challenging but rewarding programme. Coming from abroad, I had no idea of its standards, which I fully appreciated once, following graduation, I started a PhD programme. Since then I realized how solid is the training provided by LMEC, compared to other Master's degrees in Economics. LMEC endowed me with thorough background in quantitative methods as well as in theoretical economics. Its research-oriented approach (weekly research seminars and elective courses presenting state-of-the-art literature) helped me to develop my own research interests. The LMEC faculty, and the larger network of scholars affiliated to the Department of Economics at University of Bologna, provided a vibrant and supportive environment, stimulating  students in achieving high quality results. For all these reasons, LMEC turned out to be a very good investment, of great value in helping me to succesfully handle the challenges of a strongly competitive PhD programme
Bruno Conte Leite, Universita Autonoma de Barcelona, Lmec Class of 2015

The LMEC program has been a key experience in my academic path. This program is very well suited to students interested in continuing their studies by pursuing a Doctoral Degree. Not only because the learning activities are very rigorously and thoroughly structured and the courses are aimed at building solid knowledge in the field of Economics, but also because students are exposed to the newest advances in the field, thanks to a lively research environment in the Department. On top of this, as a student at LMEC I heavily benefited by the positive peer effect of outstanding students from all over the world with whom I still exchange ideas and from whom I gained a variety of intellectual stimuli.
Riccardo Marchingiglio, Northwestern University, Evanston, Il, Lmec Class of 2014

LMEC is a top master, especially addressed to those who aim to pursue a Ph.D. program. Its design, distinguished professors, and quality of teaching provides students with the tools necessary to become a professional economist. Throughout the program students are encouraged to attend departmental economics seminars where prominent international economists present their current research. Such opportunity exposes students, since the very beginning, to the most advanced studies and techniques shaping the research frontier. Furthermore LMEC students get the chance to participate in prestigious exchange programs. I participated myself to the exchange program established with the University of California, Berkeley where I had the chance to spend 5 months: the stimulating environment and people I met strongly contributed to my career. After graduating in 2014 I took a Master of Research in Economics and then I enrolled in a Ph.D. program, that I am successfully handling mainly thanks to the strong foundations acquired during the LMEC.
Lorenzo NeriQueen Mary University of London, LMEC Class of 2014

I can recommend LMEC for five reasons: the distinguished professors, the excellent quality of teaching, the highly competitive environment, the association with frontier research seminars, and the international representation of students. In my current capacity as an economist with Econex (South Africa) I analyse data, do econometric studies, and write reports on competition aspects of healthcare. At present (2014) this is a national sector preparing for significant change and hence requiring strong independent economic work. I am grateful, thanks to my training in LMEC, to be able to confidently provide this.
Helen Kean, Econex - Healthcare and Competition Teams - Cape Town, South Africa, LMEC Class of 2013.