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Prometeia Talks 2021

The Department of Economics is pleased to announce the third edition of this new cycle of seminars

from 03 March 2021 at 00:10 to 22 April 2021 at 17:15

The PROMETEIA TALKS are jointly organized by the Master in Economics LMEC and Prometeia Associazione.

During each meeting, Mr. Lorenzo Forni, head and staff of Prometeia Associazione will present a Discussion Note addressing a hot economic topic (by looking at most recent data, using economic models, and drawing policy implications). Students are invited to read the Discussion Note before the seminar takes place to actively participate in the discussion.

Seminars are addressed to students enrolled in the First and Second Cycle Degree Programs of the Department of Economics and will be held in English.

A great opportunity for students to learn about policy issues and engage in the current economic debate! 

The Discussion Notes are downloadable here (see also past editions).

Next talks' dates:

Tuesday 9th March (17.00-18.15) "The Distributive Effects of Covid-19 in Italy", based on the Prometeia Note no. 15, December 2020, see the above link. 

Thursday 6th May (17.30-18.45) "NGEU: Success vs. Failure - What's at stake for Italy?" (Link to notes, Link to the MS TEAMS meeting)