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Programme aims

The 2nd cycle degree programme in Economics trains economists with a solid grounding to the highest European and international standards, based on the competencies acquired in 1st cycle studies as required in Article 1 of the Degree Programme Regulation - Regulations.

The programme focuses on learning privileging research methods in the economic field, leading to a strong command of quantitative instruments.

These learning outcomes are achieved through a coordinated set of approaches including:

(i) study of the central core of micro and macro-economic theory and quantitative analysis techniques;

(ii) development of skills in specific survey fields, to apply the instruments acquired;

(iii) use of economic methods and the quantitative techniques of the various fields of application to analyse and understand current economic and social problems;

The 2nd cycle degree programme includes core course units in economics, mathematics, statistics, legal and business and econometrics. Developing on these fundamental areas, students then have the possibility to further study specific issues linked to labour economics, industrial economics, international economics, public economics, development economics and economic policy.