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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

Call for application A.Y. 2022/23

Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability (RaMES) provides knowledge and competences on raw materials and the tenets of the circular economy, aiming at educating geologists and engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset.


To be admitted to the international curriculum Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability (RAMES) students must apply online only through the Studenti online platform by uploading all necessary documents required.

Online application opens: 13, DECEMBER, 2021 

Deadline to apply: 05, SEPTEMBER, 2022

Refer to the call for admission available on this page: in particular pay attention to the admission general schedule.

Those who have not graduated yet can submit their application as well. Graduating students will be allowed to apply and enroll under condition of receiving their bachelor degree (first cycle degree) by a certain deadline, that will be set by the Academic bodies and will be indicated later in the degree website.

If you have a foreign qualification read the specific information before continuing.

IMPORTANT: If you are a non-EU citizen living outside Italy, you must apply for an entry visa for study purposes at the Italian Embassy in your country and pre-enrol online via the Universitaly portal.

Please read carefully the information and instructions available at this page.

Contact the Italian Embassy / Consulate well in advance to find out the requirements/deadlines for obtaining an entry visa.


  • pre-enrolment procedure at the Italian Embassy does not grant enrolment to the programme. Your official enrolment will be subject to verification of the authenticity, the accreditation, the level and the academic rights of the qualifications by the Student Administration Office of the University of Bologna, once the original documents required for enrolment have been received.
  • procedures for non-EU citizens resident abroad and non-EU citizens with EU equivalent status are different - Check your status here

Tuition Fee Amounts

Tuition fees are calculated based on the 2022 ISEE value with special subsidies in relation to the right to higher education. First year students with an ISEE of up to €24,500 benefit from full exemption. Above this limit, tuition fees are calculated progressively.

The ISEE value must be submitted, even if you have not enrolled in the Degree Programme, by 2 November 2022, at 6:00pm (or by 15 November 2022, at 6:00pm, paying a €100 penalty) accessing ER-GO Online Services, alternatively you will have to pay the full amount.

If you are an international student, verify how your tuition fees will be calculated according to your country of origin and the country where your family has income and assets.

Read all information about tuition fees and exemptions.


After you have checked that all the admission requirements have been met, you can enrol on  Studenti Online:

  1. fill in the application for matriculation with the required information and attach a passport photo in digital format;
  2. pay the first instalment of your tuition fees;
  3. follow the instructions to complete the procedure which you will find on Studenti Online according to your profile.

List of deadlines

Online application on Studenti Online from 2021-12-13 11:00 to 2022-09-05 12:00
Deadline to graduate in your first-cycle degree programme: 30 DEC 2022
First phase of matriculation to the a.y. 2022/23 (by paying the first instalment on Studenti Online) from 2022-02-01 14:30 to 2022-10-27 12:00
Late matriculation to the a.y. 2022/23 (by paying the first instalment + a late payment fee) from 2022-10-28 13:30 to 2022-11-24 13:30
Completion of the second phase of matriculation to the a.y. 2022/2023 by submitting to the Student Administration Office of Science all original documents required from 2022-02-01 17:30 to 2023-02-28 17:30