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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability (RaMES) provides knowledge and competences on raw materials and the tenets of the circular economy, aiming at educating geologists and engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Visit the project website for more information on RaMES and its application process.


Details on how to enrol – updated with reference to a.y. 2021/22 – will be published on this page as soon as possible.

Access to the degree programme depends on the assessment of specific curricula and personal preparation requirements. Failure to pass the verification process precludes enrolment.

If you have a foreign qualification read the specific information before continuing.

IMPORTANT: If you are a non-EU citizen living outside Italy, you must apply for an entry visa for study purposes at the Italian Embassy in your country and pre-enrol online via the Universitaly portal.

Please read carefully the information and instructions available at this page.

Contact the Italian Embassy / Consulate well in advance to find out the requirements/deadlines for obtaining an entry visa.

NOTE: pre-enrolment procedure at the Italian Embassy does not grant enrolment to the programme. Your official enrolment will be subject to verification of the authenticity, the accreditation, the level and the academic rights of the qualifications by the Student Administration Office of the University of Bologna, once the original documents have been received.

ATTENTION: procedures for non-EU citizens resident abroad  and non-EU citizens with EU equivalent status are different - Check your status here



Admission to the program is reserved for candidates who, by the time of the enrolment, are in possession of the curricula requirements and are positively assessed through the admission interview.

Curricular requirements

  • In order to apply, you need to hold a first cycle degreein one of the following classes:

    ▪ ex. Italian Ministerial Decree no. 270:
    L-34 in Scienze Geologiche, L-32 Classe delle Lauree in Scienze e Tecnologie per l’Ambiente e la
    Natura, L-7 Classe delle Lauree in Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale;

    ▪ ex. Italian Ministerial Decree no. 509/99:
    L-16 in Scienze della Terra, Classe 27 Scienze e Tecnologie per l’Ambiente e la Natura, Classe 8
    Laurea in Ingegneria per l’Ambiente e il Territorio;

    ▪ Previous four-year degree programme system:
    Laurea in Scienze Geologiche, Laurea in Scienze Naturali;

    ▪ Previous five-year degree programme system:
    Laurea in Scienze Geologiche, Laurea in Ingegneria per l’Ambiente e il Territorio;

    ▪ Degrees obtained abroad deemed equivalent to those described above. If you have a foreign qualification read the specific information before continuing.

The Master Degree Council will design an evaluation commission dedicated to the assessment of students’ personal preparation in specific sessions, according to the deadlines of the call for application of the scholarships and pre-registration procedures. If the evaluation commission considers sufficient the level of knowledge and skills of the candidate, it expresses a suitability judgment. 

Assessment of personal preparation: admission interview

Along with the above-mentioned curricular requirements, admission to the Master's Degree programme is in any case subject to the assessment of personal preparation through an admission interview. Once you upload the admission documents, you will be contacted in the following days with the date and time of the admission interview.

The procedure is carried out by a specific Examination Board through the evaluation of candidates’ uploaded documents and an interview carried out remotely through Skype.

In order to successfully attend the second cycle degree in Geology and Territory, the candidate needs to have basic knowledge of math, chemistry, physics and geology, with particular focus on:
- competences in chemistry, physics, math and informatics which represent a solid scientific cultural background and specifically the ability to describe and interpret geological processes;
- competences in Earth Sciences necessary to understand the theory and practical outcomes of the evolution of the planet;
- knowledge of methods and practices necessary for outdoor, laboratory and on the field training activities aimed at geological analysis;
- ability to work in autonomy and in team;
- candidates must possess appropriate English language skills to (at least) level B2.

Candidates will also be evaluated on the overall motivation, innovation and entrepreneurial potential related to the themes covered by the EIT KIC on Raw Materials.

The Committee will assess the adequacy of your personal preparation. You can enrol if you are found to be suitable.  You cannot enrol if you are found to be unsuitable.

Please note that the applications submitted after the deadline or incomplete will result in the exclusion from the admission procedure.

How to apply: application documents

In addition to the curricula requirements, all candidates are required to submit the following documents (pdf format is mandatory) while applying through StudentiOnline:

  • ID/passport;
  • Copy of a first cycle/Bachelor’s degree and Transcript of Records (for graduands, only the Transcript of Records with marks is required)
  • detailed curriculum vitae et studiorum (in English);
  • motivational letter (in English);
  • proof of language proficiency in English (a B2 CEFR level is required)​, as detailed in the following section.

Assessment of English language requirements

The English language proficiency requirements at CEFR B2 level is required for the admission.

Candidates meet the requirements by providing one of the following certifications:

  1. an international certificate at B2 level among the ones listed in the document published at this page (file name: Tabella certificazioni equipollenti prova idoneità linguistica);
  2. a first/second cycle degree title in programmes entirely taught in English: the Transcript of records or other documents issued by the University must contain the formal indication that the language of instruction is English;
  3. Transcript of records demonstrating a CEFR English B2 exam passed during the first/second cycle programme:valid only if the level of proficiency is clearly stated in the course title (ex: English B2/ Idoneità linguistica di lingua inglese B2, etc.). If the level is not clearly indicated in the course title, a declaration of the level issued by the Professor in charge of the completed course is required;
  4. status of English native speakers.
  5. Transcript of records demonstrating at least 1 year of a degree programme entirely taught in English: the Transcript of records or other documents issued by the University must contain the formal indication that the language of instruction is English;
  6. CEFR English B2 certification provided by any Italian University Language Center (CLA) or any other recognized certifying body(valid only if the certificate states the exact name of the body/school/institute issuing the certificate, level obtained and exam date)



After you have checked that all the admission requirements have been met, you can enrol on Studenti online:

  1. complete the application for matriculation with the required data and attach an ID photograph in digital format;
  2. pay the first instalment of tuition fees.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the procedure and receive your badge

Remember that to complete matriculation

a) if you are a non-EU citizen with EU equivalent status, you need to send a copy of the valid residence permit giving you EU equivalent status to the responsible Student Administration Office;

b) if you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad, see the detailed information. You will need to send to the responsible Student Administration Office a copy of your valid residence permit or, if your residence permit has not yet been issued, a copy of your study entry visa and subsequently a copy of the receipt confirming submission of your application, with which your matriculation will be accepted subject to verification;

c) if you have a degree obtained abroad, see the detailed information. You will need to send the degree documentation to the responsible Student Administration Office.

If you have a disability with an assessed level of invalidity of at least 66%, or you hold disability certification in accordance with Italian law 104/92, you can request exemption by sending the certificate proving the condition to the email address of the responsible Student Administration Office

If you want to request recognition of previous studiescheck how. 

List of deadlines

Deadline to graduate in your first-cycle degree programme: 16 DEC 2021
First phase of matriculation to the a.y. 2021/22 (by paying the first instalment on Studenti Online) from 2021-07-22 14:30 to 2021-10-28 12:00
Late matriculation to the a.y. 2021/22 (by paying the first instalment + a late payment fee) from 2021-10-29 13:30 to 2021-11-25 13:30
Completion of the second phase of matriculation to the a.y. 2021/2022 by submitting to the Student Administration Office of Science all original documents required from 2021-07-22 17:30 to 2022-02-28 17:30