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Academic Year 201​9/2020

Italian degree class: LM-56 (Economics)
Degree length: 2 years
Tuition fees academic year 2019/2020 All students pay based on their Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator (ISEE), irrespective of the degree programme that they enrol on.


Tourism is one of the industries that keeps growing every year even with the ongoing economic crisis and multinational instubility. By 2030, UNWTO forecasts international tourist arrivals to reach 1.8 billion (UNWTO Tourism Towards 2030). The players of the sector are medium and large private companies (hotel chains, tour operators, web agencies) and public bodies (local and regional governments, Destination Management Organizations, transport hubs) which set their strategies at the global level, in a framework of tight competition between tourism systems and in an age of strong innovation in the fields of finance, management, ICT and tourists care.

The 7th edition of TEaM (European Master in Tourism Economics and Management / Laurea Magistrale) is about to start. It is a two-year postgraduate degree equivalent to a M.Sc. The programme prepares managers and professionals that are able to tackle the global challenges of contemporary tourism: being, at the same time, engine for economic growth, key-player of sustainable development, and promoter of the cultural heritage. Upon graduation this tourism degree allows students to pursue a career in the following sectors: accomodation and food service operations, international travel and tourism organisations, visitor bureaus and conventions, tourism development agencies, recreational businesses, cruise ships, resorts, theme parks, airlines. 

Students coming to acquire this degree from all over the world  live in Rimini, one of the most exciting tourism destinations in Europe, hosting about 15 million overnight stays every year. It is home to the School of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Bologna (Rimini Campus), a leading institution in tourism studies, known for the high quality of its teaching programmes (certified by the UNWTO -  TedQual certification) and research publications. It is the place where the excellence of the most ancient university of the Western world meets the ability of local entrepreneurs and the public administration in developing a flourishing tourism destination. Indeed, the perfect place to study tourism economics and management.

How to apply

Starting from February 2020, you can apply to our international Master degree programme in Tourism Economics and Management for the academic year 2020/2021, starting September 2020).

The new Call for applications ​is available from February 2019. Read thoroughly before you start the application procedure, collect all the required documents and follow instructions.

The Programme Director - Professor Manuela Presutti

The TEaM Programme Director, professor Manuela Presutti

An increasingly globalized world has led tourism to become one of the fastest growing industries in business today. In this environment, the skills of human resources will be even more important for a company’s success in the tourism industry. The main objective of this program is to provide students with skills in economics, management, marketing, and management specific to hospitality and tourism industries. We welcome applications from graduates of any discipline. You will be totally satisfied with your application to TEAM International Degree.

I hope to see you soon in our Campus of Rimini!