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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

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General information on admission requirements

To be able to profitably attend the 2nd Cycle Degree Programme in Tourism Economics and Management, students must possess the following knowledge: - fundamental elements in disciplines of business, economics, legal and mathematic-statistical areas - knowledge of English language (B2 level). … Read more


Admission to the international master degree programme in Tourism Economics and Management (TEaM) is open to EU and NON EU citizens.

Read the attached call for applications carefully as to understand the procedures and the deadlines for carrying out the check of curricula and personal preparation requirements.

All candidates shall meet the following

Entry requirements:

  • 1st cycle degree or equivalent bachelor level achieved in any subject, awarded by an Italian or an accredited foreign university or university-level institution. This qualification shall grant access to 2nd cycle courses in Italy.

Course requirements:

  • curricula and personal preparation requirements: Knowledge of fundamental elements in the area of business, economics, law and mathematical-statistical disciplines;
  • English language requirement, at least B2 level (accepted certificates listed here). (UNIBO code for TOEFL score: 7850)

Check of curricula and personal preparation requirements

The access to the degree programme depends on a check on the satisfaction of specific curricula and personal preparation requirements. Failure to pass the verification process precludes enrolment for the course.

Should you meet the curricula requirements you can submit your application online, to the attention of the Admission Committee, for the evaluation process.

The Committee will assess the adequacy of your personal preparation. You can enrol if you are found to be suitable. You cannot enrol if you found to be unsuitable.


  • Graduates ​in a degree programme at the University of Bologna. Check if you satisfy the curricula requirements by accessing Studenti online
  1. Select “Degree with exams, dates and grades” from the “Certificates and self-certifications” section and then select “self-certifications”.
  2. Download the list of all exams sat during the previous curriculum followed, together with the related University educational credits and corresponding subject groups.
  3. Examine your University career on your own, and compare your career with the access requirements.
  4. Access Studenti online and complete the "self-certification of access requirements” form in the Matriculation section.
  • Graduates from another University.
  1. Check if you satisfy the curricula requirements by downloading from the website of your previous University the career self-certification form, as well as the list of all exams sat during the previous curriculum followed, together with the related University educational credits and corresponding subject groups. If your University does not have an on-line self-certification form, complete the "declaration in lieu of certification" form available from Studenti online.
  2. Check the access and linguistic skills required, following the procedure indicated in the call for applications (in attachments) and submit the required documents.

* properly signed

Before you start your TEaM's application

Make sure you have all your supporting documents scanned, signed and ready to be upload in pdf form. Required documents include:  

  • evidence of qualifications (certificates or transcripts) to show that you meet or expect to meet the entry requirements; 
  • personal statement detailing why you wish to study the course, your experiences, what you can bring to the course and any other information that you see as relevant to your application (properly signed* or ​the application will be null and void);
  • CV: download and use the CV Form Template from attachments (properly signed* or the application will be null and void). Name the file as "CV + your full name"
  • copy of your personal ID or Passport
  • evidence of English language ability 
  • Form A: upload for the third intake the pre-enrollment stamped and signed by the Italian Embassy (only for NON EU candidates)

* Properly signed (see picture)

Applying for TEaM programme

You'll need to complete and submit our online application procedure to apply for TEaM master's course at The University of Bologna.

You can save and return to your TEaM's application as many times as you like before submitting, just remember to save once you've completed the application procedure.


After you have checked that all the admission requirements have been met, you can enrol on Studenti online:

  1. complete the application for matriculation with the required data and attach an ID photograph in digital format;
  2. pay the first instalment of tuition fees.

Next, go to the Student Administration Office with a valid ID to activate your student career and get access to University services (such as Almawifi, online study plans, exam registration, libraries). Upon activation, you will receive an e-mail with a QR CODE that you will have to use to print your badge at one of the self-service machines at the University.

If you have a previous university qualification or have completed university course units, you can apply for a shortened degree programme.

If you are a student with disabilities (with a minimum recognised degree of disability of 66%, or if you own have certification issued pursuant to Law 104/92), you are entitled to obtain exemption from tuition fees.

If you have a foreign citizenship and/or qualification, you must also hand in the following documents to the  Student Administration Office:

If you are matriculating by submitting only the entry visa for study purposes, also ask the Student Administration Office for an enrolment certificate that you must attach to your residence permit application.

 Always check in the specific pages when the declaration of value, the translation or the legalization are not required!

List of deadlines

Intake 1 from 2019-02-12 14:00 to 2019-04-03 14:00
Intake 2 from 2019-04-24 12:00 to 2019-07-01 23:30
Intake 3 (Non-EU applicants must upload pre-enrollment Form-A duly signed by the Italian representative together with all other supporting documents) from 2019-07-23 12:00 to 2019-08-26 12:00