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Crash courses

Preparatory classes for freshmen students

Crash courses are organized at the beginning of classes, starting the second week of September.

They aim to provide first-year students (particularly those without a Bachelor degree in economics or business studies), with the basic tools and pre-requisites needed to successfully attend the program.

TEaM offers to admitted students crash courses in:

- Economics (first semester), TBA

- Mathematics (first semester),  Elisa Lenti

- Job Placement in Tourism sector (second semester), Massimo Ferdinandi

- Statistics (second semester), Federica Galli

Statistics -Federica Galli
(for first year students)

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  • Descriptive statistics: introduction to statistics; graphical representations; frequency distributions; analytical averages; indicators of variability; contingency tables; association between characters.
  •  Introduction to probability: events; logical operators; probability axioms; conditional probability; independence.  
  •  Lab with the statistical software R: introduction to R and practical examples. 

Job placement in the tourism sector - Dr. Massimo Ferdinandi
(for first year students) 


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The main purpose of the crash course in "Job placement in the tourism sector" is to provide students with new knowledge essential to face in the best possible way the difficult entry in the labor market. First, students will be taught how to build an attractive curriculum vitae (mainly for international companies). This very specific teaching also includes the necessary notions on how to build a graduation thesis of interest for those companies. Next, students will be taught how to deal at their best with a job interview. At the same time, the basic information about some of the hard skills most appreciated by international companies will be provided. At the end of the course 20 students will be selected and will be admitted to the TIDE project. The main target of TIDE project is to allow students to choose internships that are as close as possible to their expectations. These 20 students will also benefit from personalized interviews to start discussing about their future thesis, so that their thesis can be consistent with the just mentioned internships which, in turn, represent the first step towards the desired employment.

Mathematics - Dr. Elisa Lenti

Intensive lectures will take place from Monday 11 to Friday 15 September 2023

Time: from 4pm to 7pm

Venue: Room Alberti 5 


- Linear
- Quadratic
- Biquadratic
- Factorization rules
- Parametric equations
- Equations with fractions and fractional equations
- Systems of equations
- Exponential and logarithmic equations

Analytic geometry
- The carthesian plane: Cartesian coordinate system, representation, points coordinates
- Lines: general linear form and slope intercept form; the line which passes through 1 point,
2 points, parallel and perpendicular lines, representation
- Parabola: the vertex, axix intersections, rules to represent the parabola in the carthesian
- Equilateral Hyperbole : representation

- Linear
- Quadratic
- Fractional
- Systems of inequalities

Economics - Dr. Riccardo Pesci

Intensitve lectures will take place from Monday 11 to Friday 15 September 2023


- 11 September at 10am - 1pm

- From 12 September at 9.30am - 12.30pm

Venue: Room Alberti 5