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Seminario: “How Important is Tourism for Growth?”

Seminario organizzato dai CdS CLET/ITALI, ma aperto anche agli studenti potenzialmente interessati di altri Corsi di Studio

29 novembre 2023 dalle 16:00 alle 18:00

aula Teatini 1 e online su TEAMS - Evento in presenza e online

Relatore: Prof. Theodore Panagiotidis (University of Macedonia, Grecia)

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The presentation will revisit the tourism-led growth hypothesis by utilising a panel set of 108 countries over the period 1996–2017.

With respect to the existing literature, we quantify the effects of tourism on the entire conditional distribution of economic growth

for both relatively poor and relatively rich countries within a panel quantile regression framework.

We reveal that the lower the conditional growth rate a country experiences the more important is tourism development for the conditional growth distribution,

for both developing and developed countries. The size of the effect in developed countries is twice as high as in developing ones.

On the other hand, tourism specialisation is beneficial only at higher quantiles of the conditional growth distribution and only for developed countries.

On the contrary, it brings about an undesirable effect in developing countries. Finally, we examine the impact of a reduction

in tourism activity on economic growth due to an exogenous shock (i.e., COVID-19). We find that countries facing relatively low growth rates are affected the most.

Policymakers may consider the importance of tourism activity in the growth process and formulate strategies that align with the growth experience of each country.




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