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MARE Online Lecture Series 2021

Si segnala l'interessante iniziativa dell'Università di Amburgo dedicata all'archeologia marittima

Pubblicato il 09 gennaio 2021

MARE Online Lecture Series 2021

Dear colleagues,
In November 2020 we organized the Maritime Archaeology Research Exchange (MARE) conference, a conference for early career researchers from the field of maritime archaeology. In the course of the Corona pandemic, we have learned to appreciate the fact that a large number of scientific lectures were offered online. Consequently, we would like to turn MARE 2021 into a monthly online lecture series where early career researchers can participate and showcase their own current research in maritime archaeology.

Hence, we will launch this monthly online lecture series on the 11th of January 2021 with a presentation by Jose-Oscar Encuentra Bardina (University of Southampton) titled: „THE CONTRIBUTION OF SHIPWRECK EVIDENCE TO OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE MARITIME TRADE CONNECTIONS OF NARBO MARTIUS (1st c. BC to early 3rd c. AD)“.

After this launching talk, MARE 2021 will take place on the first Monday of each month. During the course of our online lecture series we are excited to present early career researches and give them the opportunity to discuss their current projects with an interested and open-minded audience.

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If you are interested in contributing to the MARE 2021 online lecture series with your own talk, please feel free to contact us via

We are looking forward to seeing you online for the #MAREMonday.

Stay healthy and safe!
Best regards, The MARE Organizing Committee