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Open position - PhD in Numerical Optimitazion

Doctoral Position

Pubblicato il 18 marzo 2024

The University of Konstanz is one of eleven Universities of Excellence in Germany.
Since 2007 it has been successful in the German Excellence Initiative and its followup
program, the Excellence Strategy.
The working group Numerical Optimization of the Department of Mathematics and
Statistics at the University of Konstanz offers a three-years
Doctoral Position (part-time 75%, E 13 TV-L)
within the third-party project Thermal dIgital Twinning ANd Fast CFD for CHT problems
– TITAN financed by the Austrian research center Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH (see The hiring process should be started as quickly as
The research in the project TITAN will focus on reduced-order models for conjugate
heat transfer simulations, where the coupling of transient fluid flow and solid heat
conduction is described by systems of partial differential equations. Together with the
Virtual Vehicle a certified and reduced-order scheme should be developed and
implement-ted efficiently for real application cases. In particular, research stays at the
Virtual Vehicle will be made possible.
A low teaching commitment to teaching (one hour per week) is included in the present
doctoral position. Here, the support of lectures given by the working group Numerical
Optimization is needed.
Applicants should have an excellent Master of Science Mathematics or Applied
Mathematics. In particular, knowledge in the analysis and implementation of numerical
methods for partial differential equations (e.g., by utilizing Galerkin-based methods) is
required. Preferred additional knowledge is desired in reduced-order modeling.
The University of Konstanz is committed to ensuring an environment that provides
equal opportunities and promotes diversity, as well as a good balance between
university and family life. As an equal opportunity employer, we strive to increase the
number of women working in research and teaching. We also support working couples
through our dual career program.

Interested applicants please contact Prof. Valeria Simoncini (E-mail: