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Obiettivi formativi del corso

MIREES main characteristics are based on: 1) aninternational Faculty (provided by partnership); 2) an international students'environment (provided by an internationally wide students' enrollment); 3) acompulsory students' mobility within the partnership; 4) a strong researchcomponent; 5) language skills; 6) interdisciplinarity; 7) a wide and intensivemethodology aimed to encourage active participation and to provideorganizational, analytical, multifunctional, cross-cultural mindset skills andempathy towards the geopolitical Area of specialization. Indeed, the main educational goals of… Leggi di più

Requisiti d'accesso del corso

For admission to the Master of Arts in"Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe" it isnecessary to have a First Cycle Degree from an Italian university or anequivalent first cycle degree from a non-Italian University which grants accessto a Second Cycle Degree in the issuing country. Moreover, candidates must meet thecurricular requirements and pass a test to assess their personal competencesand skills. Curricularrequirements An Italianqualifications belonging to one of the following disciplinary fields accordingto the Italian Ministerial Decree D.M. 270/04: L-5… Leggi di più