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The opportunities offered by a joint degree programme

Partner Universities


If you would like to improve your chances at the international labour market, gain diverse experiences in your study field, learn about different cultures, and acquire an internationally recognized degree, a joint degree programme is your natural choice.

Nowadays more and more European Universities offer Joint Degree Programmes as an important tool in the internationalization and cooperation within the European Educational Area.

joint degree programme is a Master’s or PhD programme that has been jointly developed by two or more international universities and cumulates in a Joint  diploma which is officially recognized by all degree awarding partner universities. As a joint degree graduates, students will benefit considerably from this degree as it will greatly increase chances on the international labour market due to the intercultural experiences students gained during the integrated mobility exchanges.

MIREES is a joint degree, involving the University of Bologna, Vytautas Magnus University at Kaunas, Zagreb University.

Mirees promotes mobility and intercultural exchange as well as increased international employability of its graduates. The Mirees partner universities and a set of carefully chosen additional mobility partners will give you the opportunity to acquire expertise in specialized study fields which may not be offered at a single university and, additionally, to perfect language and soft skills.