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Opportunities international degree programme

Partner Universities


MIREES is a joint Master’s degree programme, delivered by the University of Bologna, Vytautas Magnus University at Kaunas, and the University of Zagreb.

As a joint degree programme, MIREES possesses the following characteristics:

  • the course structure is developed together with Universities located in different states, relevant to the MIREES’ area of specialism;
  • international mobility is an integral and compulsory part of this MIREES promotes the mobility of its students, intercultural exchange, and international employability;
  • upon completion of the degree requirements, students will obtain a joint diploma, officially recognised by all partner

Thanks to these characteristics, MIREES students develop expertise that they would not be able to acquire by attending any single university. As a result, MIREES graduates become well rounded area experts — who possess direct knowledge of East Europe and Eurasia, develop a unique empathy towards the region’s peculiarities, and master local languages. This grants them a strong advantage on the international labour market.