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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

Information about IMAT and transfer

General information on admission requirements

Admission Requirements Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Admission Acceptance into the Single Cycle Degree Programme inMedicine and Surgery… Read more

The 2021/2022 call for applications will be published approximately in June 2021 (pending a specific Ministerial Decree). In the meantime, you can check the required steps by reading the information below, which applied to a.y. 2020/21.

2020/21 Admissions 

The 2020/21 call for applications is now published.

Contents currently available on this page are updated to 2020/21 information; prospective applicants may refer to them for a general overview about the application procedure until 2021/22 updates are published.


Access to the Single-Cycle Degree Programme is regulated on a national basis (art. 1 of Italian Law 264/99) by decree of the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR).

Please refer to the call for applications for any information about number of available places, test date and contents, procedures, and deadlines.



Click here for an overview about the difference between admission (IMAT) and transfer procedures



The following information is based on the application procedure for 2020/21 admission. This section will be updated during the upcoming months, as soon as any relevant information about 2021/20 admission procedures is confirmed. 


The call for applications is the official document stating information about number of available places, test date and contents, procedures, and deadlines. Please read the call for applications thoroughly when planning your application.

An amendment to the 2020/21 call for applications was approved with Rectoral Decree 891/2020 prot. n. 142061 of 20 July 2020 and is available for download from the Attachments box of this page. This amendment is included in the English summary of the 2020/21 call for applications available on this page.

Admission requirements, including accepted qualifications and language requirements, are also published in the ‘General information on admission requirements’ box at the top of this page.

All deadlines listed in the call for applications are final; late applications will not be accepted.

2.Quotas and qualifications


Every year, a quota of reserved places is set for non-EU students residing abroad. Check whether you qualify as Italian/EU/non-EU student with equivalent status, or as non-EU student residing abroad.

Non-EU citizens residing abroad must apply for pre-enrolment.

If you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad read the specific information prepared for you.


Please read this page if you hold a foreign qualification (information about acceptable qualifications, when is translation/legalisation required, declaration of value, etc.)

This applies to all candidates who hold a foreign qualification, regardless of their citizenship/residency status and quota.


3.Register for the admission test (IMAT)

The admission test for our Single-Cycle Degree Programme in Medicine and Surgery is IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test).
Details and deadlines about ​IMAT registration procedure are published in the call for applications. Please read the call for applications thoroughly when planning your application.

All deadlines listed in the call for applications are final; late applications will not be accepted.

IMAT preparation materials: download past paperstest specification document by Cambridge Assessment.


4.IMAT test day

IMAT test date for 2020/21 admission: Thursday, 10 September 2020

  • If you chose to sit the test in Bologna, please refer to the call for applications for details about the test venue, access rules, etc.
  • If you chose to sit the test outside of Italy in one of the authorised IMAT venues, please contact your chosen test venue for directions, access rules, etc.

You may refer to the ‘IMAT candidate figures’ file for information about the number of IMAT candidates in previous years. Please note that we keep running background checks on applications after the IMAT registration deadline, and that we update the file only when figures are confirmed.


After IMAT

In the call for applications, you will find information about how to check your IMAT result and the status of your application, and enrolment/matriculation procedure and deadlines.



Our Medicine and Surgery Degree Programme is active since A.Y. 2017/18. This means that course years will be activated one at a time, as follows:

Until the programme is fully activated (A.Y. 2022/23), transfer and admission to course years other that Year 1 may be possible only for active years (e.g. Year 4 is not active in A.Y. 2019/20, so no application for transfer or admission to Year 4 is possible for A.Y. 2019/20).


Do you have any language requirement?

Yes – see ‘General information on admission requirements’ box at the top of this page.


Do you require English language certificates?

English language knowledge and skills at the required are assessed during the admission test. English language qualifications were not a mandatory requirement as of 2018/19; however, candidates who held one could use it in case of a tie in their IMAT score (see 2018/19 call for applications on this page).


Do you require Italian language certificates?

Our 6-year Medicine and Surgery programme is fully taught in English; however, we do require students to have or reach at least the required level of Italian language in order to access clinical clerkships from Year 2 onwards, as they will have to interact with Italian-speaking patients. Italian language qualifications are not required prior to or upon enrolment – students may choose to attend language courses during Year 1. We do not offer preparation courses prior to enrolment. See the list of accepted qualifications for the Italian language requirement.


After you have checked that all the admission requirements have been met, you can enrol on Studenti online:

  1. complete the application for matriculation with the required data and attach an ID photograph in digital format;
  2. pay the first instalment of tuition fees.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the procedure and receive your badge

Remember that to complete matriculation

a) if you are a non-EU citizen with EU equivalent status, you need to send a copy of the valid residence permit giving you EU equivalent status to the responsible Student Administration Office;

b) if you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad, see the detailed information. You will need to send to the responsible Student Administration Office a copy of your valid residence permit or, if your residence permit has not yet been issued, a copy of your study entry visa and subsequently a copy of the receipt confirming submission of your application, with which your matriculation will be accepted subject to verification;

c) if you have a degree obtained abroad, see the detailed information. You will need to send the degree documentation to the responsible Student Administration Office.

If you have a disability with an assessed level of invalidity of at least 66%, or you hold disability certification in accordance with Italian law 104/92, you can request exemption by sending the certificate proving the condition to the email address of the responsible Student Administration Office

If you want to request recognition of previous studiescheck how.