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Information about transferring to our Medicine and Surgery programme

Access to the Single-Cycle Degree Programme is regulated on a national basis (art. 1 of Italian Law 264/99) by decree of the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR).

Please refer to the call for transfer, if available, for any information about number of available places, procedures, and deadlines.


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Calls for transfer are published only in case one or more places are left vacant (e.g. if a student currently enrolled on the programme drops out).

Please refer to the call for transfer of the relevant academic year if/once it is published, as it provides a detailed explanation of who is eligible to apply for transfer, the number of available places, procedures, and deadlines.

The 2023/24 Call for Transfer is available for download in the CALL FOR TRANSFER box on this page.



The following information is based on the 2023/24 Call for Transfer.


The call for transfer outlines the selection process, describes eligibility and assessment criteria (including Italian language requirements), and establishes the registration deadlines of the transfer procedure.

The 2023/24 Call for Transfer is available for download in the CALL FOR TRANSFER box on this page.

2. Check whether you qualify as Italian/EU/non-EU student with equivalent status, or as non-EU student residing abroad

Non-EU citizens residing abroad must apply for pre-enrolment.

If you are a non-EU citizen residing abroad, read also the specific information prepared for you.

3. Qualifications

Please read this page if you hold a foreign qualification (information about acceptable qualifications, when is translation/legalisation required, declaration of value, etc.)

This applies to all candidates who hold a foreign qualification, regardless of their citizenship/residency status.

4. Complete your registration to the transfer procedure

Please refer to the 2023/24 Call for Transfer for information about registration procedures and deadlines.

Remember to complete your registration in time; late applications will not be accepted.

5.(if applicable) Sit the oral test

Candidates with previous academic records in non-Italian universities are required to sit a preliminary oral test; please refer to Section 5 of the 2023/24 Call for Transfer for further information.

6.Check the outcome of your application

Transfer applications are assessed after the registration deadline; results are published on the date established in the call for transfer.

6. Enrolment procedures 

Should your application be successful, please refer to the call for transfer for information about enrolment procedures and deadlines.

Please read the information about transfer fees for successful transfer applicants.


Student benefits

Candidates who transfer from other Universities to the University of Bologna, or who are enrolled at the University of Bologna and change their study programme to Medicine and Surgery (programme code: 9210), are advised to read carefully the academic requirements on student exemptions and benefit calls published on Academic requirements will be assessed based on the year in which the applicant matriculated for the first time to an Italian university, regardless of any credit recognition or admission year to the new degree programme after transferring to another University. This may result in being ineligible for benefits.