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Elective Practical Training in preparation of the final examination

In preparation of the final examination, the student can choose to carry out practical and research activities at external institutions and companies or within university laboratories: elective pratical training in preparation of the final examination. These preparatory activities can be included in the academic record to specify the nature of the work done and recorded with an eligibility.

A student conducting practical activities in preparation of the final examination, in Italy or abroad, when submitting of  on-line study plan (4th  and 5th year) must break down the final exam in two parts, providing 9 ECTS in total.

For further details about deadlines please consult the following page: Preparing the study plan.

All students intending to undertake an Elective Practical Training in preparation of the final examination must complete mandatory safety and health training.

Contacts with affiliated companies are managed by the Internship Office  (see contact information), where you can inquire for information and clarifications.


Administrative Procedure to undertake the Elective Practical Training in preparation of the final examination

University of Bologna

  1. Access IT application system and select the host institution as: "ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA.";
  2. submit a self-application;
  3. fill out the information on the "Elective Practical Training in preparation of the final examination request" page after coordinating goals and activities with the academic tutor. Select the Hosting Entity from the listed Departments, specify the contact person's name, indicate the Laboratory/Office where the Elective Practical Training will take place, and provide the address.

External Companies 

For those companies who are already affiliated: students may eitheraccess the IT application system and submit a self-application or apply to predefined offers.

For those companies who are not affiliated yet: students  must provide the Office with the name and email address of the company contact person in order to sign a training agreement. It is important to note that the affiliation process requires  specific timing based on the company’s requests and cannot be quantified in advance; therefore, early action is advisable. Once the affiliation is active, the student can access the IT application system and submit a self-application.

The hosting company  must approve and complete the Training program, specifying its length and the exact activity period  via the IT application system.


Elective Practical Training Activation

The Academic Tutor (thesis supervisor) and the Core Clinical Training contact person, Prof.ssa Mara Battilani, approve the programme online and the student accepts it thus downloading the attendance register. The Elective Practical Training must be carried out in accordance with the contents and timing specified in the Training program.


Upon Completion of the Elective Practical Training in preparation of the final examination

    1. Access the IT application system;
    2. enter the end date of the Elective Practical Training;
    3. upload the completed attendance register, signed by him/herself and the company contact person/academic tutor (thesis supervisor);
    4. upload the final report, signed by him/herself and thecompany Contact person/Academic Tutor;
    5. Complete the evaluation questionnaire.

    Once the process is completed, the Office will verify the documentation, then the Accademic tutor will provide his/her evaluation. 

    To register the related ECTS , the student should contact Prof. Maria Laura Bacci.


    To Suspend the Elective Practical Training

    In case of justified and documented impediments, you can suspend or terminate the Elective Practical Training after notifying the office via email.


    Insurance Coverage

    The University provides insurance coverage for trainees against workplace accidents and third-party liability , provided the student has complied with the above mentioned procedure.


    Injury During the Elective Practical Training

    In the event of an injury occurred during the Elective Practical Training please send an email to



    In case you are about to graduate, the process described in the "Upon Completion of the Elective Practical Training in preparation of the final examination" section must be completed within the deadlines for meeting the graduation requirements.