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Final examination 

General University rules and specific Engineering and Architecture School rules for applying to graduation and presenting a dissertation.
  General University rules

  Depositing dissertations in digital format

 Application procedure

The application to graduate must be presented using Studenti Online before the following deadlines:
  • 1st period: 15th May for the June-July sessions
  • 2nd period: 15th September for the October-December sessions3rd period: 15th January for the February and March sessions

The application to graduate MUST BE PRESENTED according to the deadline set for the session (appello) even if not all the exams have yet been taken.

An online graduation application automatically generates a payment order (bollettino) for the graduation fee of 116,00 Euros, including cost of duty stamp. The graduation fee is only to be paid once; it will still be valid if subsequent applications have to be made (except for a supplement if the fee meanwhile increases); paying the fee activates the application.

It may be paid online using the website, or one may download an MAV for payment through a bank or the post office, or one may print out the Unicredit payment code.

Once the deadline has passed the Student Administration Office will check through each student’s application documents and contact the student if anything irregular is found. For some days after graduation application has closed students may therefore expect to see the “documents being checked” box highlighted in yellow.

Final examination sessions – Academic Year 2016/17 

1st period

  • Thursday 15th June 2017 
  • Monday 24th July 2017 
  • Tuesday 25th July 2017

2nd period

  • Friday 6th October 2017
  •  Wednesday 20th December 2017
  • Thursday 21st December 2017

3rd period

  • Thursday 8th February 2018
  • Thursday 15th March 2018
  • Friday 16th March 2018

Requisites for taking the exam

By the date indicated the student must:

  • have finished taking all the exams in his/her study plan and reached the minimum credits for graduation, as well as being up to date with payment of all university fees;
  • fill out the questionnaire on AlmaLaurea or go to the Student Administration Office if unable to access the databank
  • check that the Supervisor has approved the dissertation title as indicated in the online application (otherwise contact the teacher in question).

Repeating a graduation application
On-line application to take the final exam refers to one specific session, so that should a student fail to graduate at the session chosen, he/she must ask the Student Administration Office to annul the application and present it again online for the next session within the deadline.

If this falls in the same period and the student has already paid the graduation fee, there will be no further charges.

There will of course be the duty stamp of 16,00 Euros to pay.

A copy of the graduation dissertation must be handed to the President of the graduation board (NOT to the Student Administration Office) following the procedure laid down by the degree programme.
A copy of the dissertation in digital format – on programmes where this is required - must be deposited before the graduation session at the official University depository (instructions available on this link).

Late graduation applications
One may apply after the deadline, paying a penalty of for the first 7 days’ delay and thereafter 60€ until the final term set by the School, after which it is no longer possible to apply.

Note that even with a late application, the student must still comply with the requisites deadline.

Rules for dissertation format
According to Board of Governors deliberation 21/01/92 and Academic Senate deliberation 01/04/92, as of the summer session of ac.yr. 1991/92, for cataloguing and archival reasons dissertations must be standardized in the following way:
  • Each page is to contain 32-35 lines of text, each line must be 65-70 characters long in these fonts: TIMES or COURIER or HELVETICA;
  • Pages written front and back;
  • Light cardboard cover;
  • Figures and tables in format UNI (A4, A3,  etc.);
  • Table container of suitable size (A3 of correct thickness).


Forgers of the seal will be prosecuted at law.

(R.D. 21/6/1942, modified by Legislative Decree n°480 of 1992 implementing community directive n°10 of 1989 and further modified by legislative decree n°198 of 1996)

PC testing by graduation candidates
If a graduation candidate wishes to test whether his/her PC is set correctly for video-projection or to check the graphics (format, colours , animation or films) this may be done at the new lecture rooms porter’s lodge at the following times: from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Presenting a dissertation during the graduation session
A candidate projecting a power point presentation will find an overhead projector in every lecture room. If one decides to use one’s own computer and project the dissertation, one may connect to video-projectors present in the lecture rooms. Note that the School does not provide a computer in this case.

The best definition for video-projection is 1024x768.

At the start of a session the Graduation Board may decide to upload dissertations onto a single computer (often belonging to a candidate. One is advised to bring a copy of one’s dissertation on CD, pen-drive or other removable support.

Rules of behaviour
Graduation sessions are often marred by episodes that go beyond normal high spiritsandbecome bad taste, bad manners and even prosecutable behaviour.

Such behaviour may be dangerous and damage School property, as well as causing annoyance to other people going about their institutional business (exams, office work, research, etc.).

It has become necessary to establish some rules of behaviour.

§  The School of Engineering and Architecture is not a venue for graduation parties. This goes for indoor areas (lecture rooms, staircases, entranceways, etc.) and outdoor areas (gardens).

§  Candidates are asked to limit the number of friends present. Celebrations should be reserved for restaurants or their own homes. Safety requirements limit the number of people present in the school at any one time.

§  The room in which the graduation session has taken place must be vacated as soon as the proclamation has been made. The premises will be needed for other activities (such as further exam sessions).

§  It is strictly forbidden to put up posters and other material on School walls. Such material is often pornographic and may lead to legal consequences.

§  Dangerous behaviour must be avoided.

§  It is strictly forbidden to remove and misuse School equipment serving a safety requirement.

§  The public are to leave the School premises by 6.30 p.m. at latest, when the last sessions tend to finish.

§  Visitors are not allowed into the School grounds in their cars. Cars without parking permits may be removed at the owner’s expense.

§  Security guards, and School/Vice-Chairmanship personnel are authorized to report episodes and reprimand transgressors.

§  Remember that the School premises are video-monitored. In case of serious bad behaviour the School will take every action to protect its property, staff and visitors.

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