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Final examination: modalities and deadlines

To graduate, you have to sit a final examination designed to verify that you have reached the education objectives set by the Degree Programme.

Extension of the exam session and final examination deadline to 15 June 2023

The exam session and final examination deadline for a.y. 2021/22 has been extended to 15 June 2023 (Decree-Law No. 316 Prot. no. 62200 of 7 March 2023).

If you were unable to graduate in March due to issues related to the pandemic, you can submit a graduation application for the extraordinary session, but only if you are enrolled regularly, “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree course) or as a repeating student in a.y. 2021/22 in the last year of a full-length degree programme.

You are only eligible for this extension if your study plan was complete and you fulfilled all attendance requirements by the end of a.y. 2021/22. More specifically: if you are enrolled regularly, “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree course) or as a repeating student in a.y. 2021/22 in the third year and, by the end of the academic year, you included in your study plan all the learning activities provided for in your degree programme in order to take the exams and graduate.

If you have to take exams in order to meet all the necessary requirements, please contact the teacher in question directly. Remember that the deadline for the requirements is the 21 April.

If you are a student required to take a University Language Centre language test, you can find the scheduled test date on the CLA website: a language test will be organised exclusively for students who submitted a graduation application for the extraordinary graduation session. All information about the test and the scheduled date can be found on the CLA website.

You are not eligible for this extension if:

  • You failed to meet attendance requirements by the end of a.y. 2021/22;
  • You made changes to your study plan in a.y. 2022/23 and took exams related to that study plan;
  • You did not have a complete study plan, so in a.y. 2022/23 you had to make changes to include exams
  • you are enrolled regularly, “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree course or as a repeating student in a.y. 2021/22 in the third year, and in a.y. 2022/23 you made changes to your study plan to include exams because you did not have the 180 university credits you needed to graduate;
  • If you were enrolled regularly in a.y. 2021/22 in the last year of a full-length degree programme and are now enrolled in a.y. 2022/23 as a repeating student.

Please note: this is not an early session of a.y. 2022/23. If you are enrolled in a.y. 2022/23 in the last year of a full-length degree programme, you are not eligible for this extension.

If you are eligible for this extension, from 31 March you must go to Studenti Online and select the extraordinary session. The dates of the session for most degree programmes are as follows:

  • Deadline for application: 12 April
  • late enrolment to the session 20 April
  • Admission requirements deadline: 21 April
  • Deadline for uploading your dissertation: 12 May
  • Deadline for supervisor approval of the dissertation: 16 May

The graduation session will be held on 30 May 2023

Remember that if you have paid your tuition fees for a.y. 2022/23, you are entitled to a refund that will be processed after your graduation.

Final dissertations and graduation ceremonies shall be held in person.

Students may invite a number of guests determined by each Department based on logistics and organisation requirements. No maximum limit applies to the number of participants that can attend remotely.

The dissertation discussion can take place remotely for:

  • students who are unable to travel due to force majeure;
  • students domiciled abroad, who have been admitted to the final exam/remote discussion of their dissertation, where envisaged, for courses that award double or joint degrees;
  • students who are serving prison sentences.

Characteristics of final examination

In agreement with the university teaching regulations, the final examination consists in the production and public discussion of a dissertation on a topic consistent with the degree Programme objectives or with the activities performed during the internship. Training occurs under the guidance of a tutor professor who supervises and supports the activity of the student, and checks the quality of the dissertation before it is sent to the judging committee.

Final examination methods

The final examination consists in the preparation of a dissertation written in English on a topic consistent with the practical activities performed during the internship period, to be eventually discussed in public in English language. The student will submit the dissertation to the supervising professor and to the judging committee by uploading the dissertation file on the appropriate web site. The dissertation will be publicly discussed in front of a judging committee, appointed by the Board of the degree Programme as established by the University Teaching Regulations: during the dissertation you may use slides and the Board may ask more detailed information on the methodology adopted, the results achieved and possible developments of your work.

Graduation application

To submit your application online, you must access Studenti Online before the deadlines set for the application submission and the requirements.

Registration of the curricular internship

In order to graduate, your curricular internship must be ended and registered before the set deadlines, according to the rules available here:

Guarantee of originality

This service was designed to assist professors in their surveillance activities, which offer the main guarantee of the effective quality and originality of the dissertation or thesis, as well as guaranteeing the quality of the learning process for which the dissertation or thesis was produced for the final examination of students who are about to complete their study programme.

A special software is used to automate the analysis process, which until now was carried out manually by the professor, providing a computerised support which compares the produced texts with a wide database comprising all the documents published on the web and various scientific databases.

Candidates must upload their thesis file on Compilation platform through the e-mail address that they wil be given by their supervisors. Candidates must pay particular attention to the deadlines for the thesis upload and must upload the Guarantee of Originality Report too.

Candidates must follow the instructions that they will receive by e-mail (see instructions in the "Attachments" box).

Modalities and Deadlines

In order to graduate students must:

a. submit their Graduation Application via Studenti Online (;

b. pay all tuition fees. The Student Administration Office will check the regularity of candidates' payments and will contact them in case there are fees to be paid;

c. satisfy the following requirements by the Deadlines you can find in the "Attachments" box:

  1. sat all the exams in your study plan and had them recorded;
  2. uploaded the dissertation in pdf format on Studenti Online. The dissertation can be uploaded multiple times, until the requirements deadline expires. When uploading the dissertation, the system will ask you to enter some key words and a brief abstract;
  3. uploaded the Guarantee of Originality Report as a PDF format;
  4. compiled the Alma Laurea questionnaire on Studenti Online.

The Student Administration Office will verify all requirements and will contact you if there are any issues, to allow you to regularise your position before the final examination.

The graduation application is valid for just one graduation session. If you graduate in a later session, you will have to re-submit your graduation application and pay only the duty stamp.

N.B: candidates must check their Unibo e-mail address ( regularly, especially near to deadlines. The title of the dissertation that will appear on the front page of the thesis must correspond exactly to the one inserted on Studenti Online while submitting their applications.