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The first-degree cycle in International Tourism and Leisure Industries (ITaLI) is the English-taught curriculum of the programme in Economics of Tourism, of the School of Economics and Management - Rimini Campus.

Tourism is a highly changeable and creative industry, which requires the continuous development of new products and markets. Business culture, sustainability, creativity and technological innovation are now the keywords to create new businesses and conquer an ever-changing and highly competitive tourism market. The tourism sector includes small, medium and large private enterprises, as well as public private partnerships and public agency, all operating with an international perspective.

International Tourism and Leisure Industries is a three-year degree programme, with quality assurance certificate by the UNTWO TedQual, whose main objective is to improve the quality of tourism education, training and research programmes. The programme provides students the cultural and technical profile required to join, as a manager or professional, private and public enterprises in the tourism industry.

To this aim, ITALI offers excellent preparation in tourism planning and management, and develops professional profiles which have a deep knowledge of the complex interactions and interdependencies between creative and leisure industries, business strategies, governmental policies and tourism. Finally, this programme prepares students for master-level programs in economics and management.

Italian and International students are welcome!

Participation in exchange programmes like Erasmus+ and Overseas is encouraged and supported!