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Environmental Assessment and Management

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Programme aims

The Second-cycle degree/Two-year master in Environmental Assessment and Management, in class LM-75, aims to train graduates who can work as Environmental Analysts, Environmental Offices, Environmental Assessors and Environmental Researchers. The Second-cycle degree/Two-year master provides in-depth knowledge of the most innovative and interdisciplinary methodologies in thefield of research, assessment, control, environmental management and decision-making support in environmental matters. The Second-cycle degree/Two-year master offers a conventional and an international programme which,… Read more

Admission requirements

In order to to profitably attend the Second-cycle degree/Two-year master in Environmental Assessment and Management, students must possess appropriate knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, earth sciences at university level, and in particular: - basic knowledge of mathematics in the fields of mathematical analysis and linear algebra - basic knowledge of physics in the fields of thermodynamics and electromagnetics - basic knowledge of general chemistry and organic chemistry - basic knowledge in the field of cell biology, zoology and botany - basic knowledge… Read more