Vai alla Homepage del Portale di Ateneo Curriculum Earth resources engineering Second cycle degree/Two year Master in Environmental Engineering



Credits: 6

Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures

Language: English

Learning outcomes

The course is aimed at introducing the student to some individual activities which may continue with the preparation of the final dissertation. For example, the student can work on the state-of-art analysis of a research problem or on a project in the field of environmental engineering.

Course contents

Environmental Engineering Research A is a research work on a topic chosen by the student and supervised by an academic supervisor. The supervisor is selected by the student among the professors of the Environmental Engineering Master Program. The specific activity is arranged with the supervisor. Suitable activity can be: literature analysis, experimental work in a laboratory, theoretical work, modelling and simulation. The activity may be carried out in university departments, in external research institutes, in companies, in Italy or abroad. The activity can be independent or can be a part of that required to prepare the graduation thesis. It can be carried out in the first or in the second year.

In order to start the activity, the student has to submit a proposal including title, abstract and name of the supervisor, sending an email to the Director of Studies, Professor Lisa Borgatti.


Assessment methods

In order to obtain the credits, a total of 150 hours have to be dedicated to the activity and a report describing the activity carried out (10-20 pages) has to be issued. The report should be delivered to the Director of Studies together with a letter of the supervisor stating that the candidate has actually dedicated 150 hours to the activity and the approval of the report. A pass grade will be awarded to students showing in their report to have understood the topic addressed, to have sufficient knowledge of the theoretical fundamentals of the topic addressed and to be able to discuss the topic using an appropriate technical language.