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Advisory Board and International Consultancy Panel

The Degree programme created a network of public bodies and professionals to monitor the quality of its activities.

​Advisory Board

An advisory board is called every year to give advice on the programme, to update contents, and build joint initiatives with industry.

Members of the Advisory Board - 2017:


Job title


Federica Pellegrini


Agenzia Interregionale Fiume Po

Guido Gola

Vice President

ANIM – Associazione Nazionale Ingegneri Minerari

Maurizio Morelli


ARPA Emilia Romagna

Davide Tabarelli


NE Nomisma Energia

Stefano Olivucci


Regione Emilia Romagna - Servizio Cartografico

Andrea Gambi


Romagna Acque

Roberto Nicolucci

DG & R&I


Claudio Asioli

Project manager


Elena Piantelli

Monitoring & Infrastructure Market Segment Manager

Trimble Italia

Paolo Zoppellari

Operations manager

Zoppellari & Associati Srl


International Consultancy Panel

An international consultancy panel composed by both industry and academic members is active in providing advice on international positioning and contents of the programme, as well as on the adequacy of the curriculum in order to admit students completing the programme to Ph.D. programmes.

Members - 2017:


Job title


Prof. Alain Dassargues

Geological Engineering

Université De Liège (B)

Antonio Nanni

Coordinator of the Dual Degree programme in Civil and Enviromental Engineering;

University of Miami (USA)

Helena Solo-Gabriele  Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Dept. of Civil, Arch., and Environmental Engineering  University of Miami (USA)

Josè Rodolfo Scarati Martins

Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, Departamento de Engenharia Hidràulica e Ambiental

Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, (BR)

Giovanni Bonanini

Waste and Energy Division Manager

TM.E. SpA – Termomeccanica Ecologia