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The ERE programme

The central theme of ERE is the conscientious stewardship of our finite natural resources, namely minerals, fuels, energy, water, and land. Students taking ERE Programme will attain a broad background in environmental engineering and earth resources covering water resources, pollution prevention, energy, resource economics, recycling, waste and biowaste valorization, alternative and renewable raw materials,  reclamation, and health.
The main goal of the Master’s degree is to educate professionals with the necessary in-depth scientific and technical knowledge to be successful in the field of environmental engineering and in a multi-cultural educational environment.

The programme is intended to prepare students with firm technical bases while nurturing decision-making and leadership potential. It prepares graduates to practice their profession at an advanced level and with a unique exposure to an international environment to better understand the global issues of environmental engineering. 

The organization

All courses and activities are in English. The programme duration is two years (4 semesters). The programme has core modules and elective courses. A committee will help students to select the courses to build their own curriculum. In order to obtain the Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale), the students must successfully complete the courses and defend the final dissertation, for a minimum of 120 Credits (ECTS). The courses will be organized with in-class teaching activities, practice, design and laboratory activities.  The final exam consists of the public defense of a dissertation (the Master’s thesis).

How do you want to spend your second year?

You can choose amongst many options:

. Choose between two paths inside the degree programme:

Earth Resources Engineering (Bologna campus)

Earth resources - Offshore engineering (Ravenna campus)

. Spend one year abroad by participating into one of the three Dual degree programmes which are made available to students.

. Explore other opportunities for studying abroad: all  students will have the option of spending a period of study abroad. Tailored opportunities for studying and/or preparing experimental thesis work in a foreign University, along with opportunities for internships in international research centers, construction industries, consulting or design offices will be guaranteed to the students via Erasmus+, Erasmus placement and Overseas programmes. See UNIBO website for extensive information about opportunities for studying abroad.