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Preparing the study plan

Information on how to prepare and submit your study plan.

What is a study plan?

The study plan is the complete set of exams that you need to sit in order to graduate. Some exams are compulsory, while others are elective.

A study plan can be submitted only by enrolled students who have paid their tuition fees and, in the case of international students, who hold a valid residence permit.

Every year, HEM students are asked to pick some elective courses from the learning offer, so that you can build your study plan. 

How and When

Students can complete the Study Plan on Studenti On-Line ("Study Plan") in the following two periods: 

1st period:  17 October 2017 - 4 November 2017
2nd period: 26 February 2018 - 10 March 2018

The study plan can be submitted via Studenti Online, accessing the website using their University usernames and passwords.


Most of the courses are mandatory, so you will find them automatically in your study plan. You only have to update your study plan by choosing one among the following:

81863   Health services research
79071   The economics of human resource management in healthcare organization


- Graduating students can change their Study Plan for the last time within March 1​0 (a.y. 201​7/201​8), it will not be possible to change it again in the A.Y. 201​8/2019
- it is NOT allowed to take exams of elective courses before the academic year in which these activities are planned in your course plan;
- it is NOT possible to fill in the Study Plan outside the two above mentioned periods. 

In the 2 year you have mandatory courses as well as electives.
You have four groups of choices:

1. One among the following (6 ECTS):

79076   Economics of the Biopharmaceutical Industry
79077   Health economics an policy in low and middle income countries
70138   Lifestyles and health outcomes

2. One among the following (4 ECTS)

79079    Internship*     
79078    Workshop: building empirical case studies in health economics

3. One among the following (6 ECTS)

81796    Internship 2*
71204    Internship for final dissertation - master level
70126    Health systems
N.B. In this group you can also choose courses that you didn't choose from group 1 (6 Ects)

4. One among the following (5 ECTS)

79102 Workshop: the labour market for Eu-HEM students

*If you wish to do an Internship, you can choose a 100 hours internship (4 ECTS) or a 150 hours internship (6 ECTS). You can also choose to do a 250 hours internship (6 ECTS + 4 ECTS), by adding both activities to you study plan. Please note: even if the Internship 1 and Internship 2 are indicated in "Period 1" you can have it whenever you want.

Note -> Students spending a semester abroad (Erasmus+/Overseas/other) should also complete the study plan!