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Alumni Stories

HEMAP prepares you for an evidence-based working approach, a relevant skill that is of fundamental importance if you want to be a professional in the healthcare sector. This course is also an efficient network enabler, where you will be able to meet many great minds and industries in the field.

Giovanni Cirotto - ACCORD Market Access Associate at Roche Diagnostics

HEM programme is adjusted to people with different backgrounds and that makes the programme attractive to students from all over the world. I strongly confirm that the experience received in Bologna during two years was valuable in both - my future career and personal international experience itself

Aurelija Navickaitė (graduate from Lihuania), Consultant at Deloitte

HEM gave me industry-related knowledge and the opportunity to showcase it. To that end, the career day organized by the faculty was instrumental in placing me on my current career path.

Goran Nacev, Market Access Graduate at Novo Nordisk

Let’s face it: HEM is much more than a master degree, it is an all-round experience that starts from inspirational professors and ends in the great city of Bologna. The programme gave me the amazing opportunity to spend six months in Hamburg and one in Wien, working for WHO. I will always be thankful to the great HEM staff that made this possible.

Viola Gabrielli, intern at KPMG

The Health Economics, Management and Policy Master was the best puzzle piece to fit with my Bachelor in Cooperation and Development. Thanks to this course and the professors, I had the opportunity to successfully study in Denmark and then spend 8 months in the biggest Italian NGO working in the Global Health field.

Chiara Boscarino - Trainee at Doctors with Africa - CUAMM and Civil Service Applicant

HEMAP is the best choice if you are passionate about healthcare and aim to build a career in either Public or Private sector. Professors are top notch. What I liked the most is its diversity: lots of international students, people with diverse background and many courses covering every aspect of the amazing subject that Health Economics is :)

Camillo Staniscia - IO Finance Graduate at Novo Nordisk

I personally felt that the professors had a vested interest in our success as evidenced by the different meetings that were organised that allowed students to meet potential employers and the different internship opportunities that were made available.

Umutoni Rukatsi (graduate from Rwanda), Monitoring and ​Information ​Management Officer at United Nation/Unicef

The added value of a programme such as Health Economics and Management is that you can share experience with expert professors and students from all over the world. I had the honour to work for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companiesand I can now state that this was thanks to the experience with the programme

Nicola Mazzanti (graduate from Italy), Pricing & Value Access - Oncology at AstraZeneca

Establishing candidates from different backgrounds and through the toughest of times in firm knowledge of health economics, management and policy as well as providing them with highly developed skills to position themselves on the market, attest the HEMAP program to be unstoppable.

Mohamed Mowafy - Research Assistant at Milano-Bicocca University

My time in Bologna turned out to be extremely useful in that it paved the way for my current PhD. I am very lucky to have learned scholarly attitudes from the faculty members who were so friendly and helpful and the program's unique mix of disciplines such as law, economics and management helped shape my interest in the field

Mesfin Genie (graduate from Ethiopia), PhD Candidate in Economics at University Ca' Foscari Venice

HEMAP has been an enriching experience. I got the chance to interact with individuals from all backgrounds and the course itself covered a variety of topics. It increased my knowledge and stoked my curiosity. In my current role as a researcher, I am grateful to HEMAP for teaching me how to read events from many different perspectives.

Firdawss Gartite - PhD Candidate at University of Bologna

This program gave me the necessary tools to find my way through the multidisciplinary field of health sciences. It allowed me to have an internship abroad, where I am now currently employed. While Bologna, who received me with open arms, nurtured strong relationships with international students, and of course, love for Italian food.

Victor Jauregui - Medical and Regulatory Advisor at Global Health Technology