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Preparing the Learning Agreement

This is a guide that explains how to complete the Learning Agreement (LA) and request recognition for educational activities undertaken abroad.

The Learning Agreement (LA) is a written agreement between the student, the sending university, and the receiving university that specifies the educational activities to be carried out abroad and which will replace the activities originally planned in the student's study plan.

The LA is an official contract which must be approved by the Degree Programme and signed in all parts before your mobility starts. It takes time to prepare the LA, so you need to start the process as soon as possible!

Following the approval procedure indicated on this page, you can be sure that exams taken abroad will be recognized by UniBO at the end of your mobility.

Activities undertaken abroad that are NOT included in the Learning Agreement on AlmaRM and do not correspond to credits in the student's study plan (on Studenti Online) will not be guaranteed recognition upon your return.

This page provides detailed instructions for various phases of the exchange, including:

  • Learning Agreement approval process
  • How to add activities in the Learning Agreement
    • How to create correspondence groups “Gruppi di corrispondenza”
    • Which activities can be included?
  • Modify an approved Learning Agreement
  • Returning to Italy during the exchange period
  • Submitting the Request for Recognition upon your return

For further information, you can refer to the instructions provided in the Learning Agreement section on AlmaRM.