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Entrance exam for the international Master's in Specialized Translation

Information on the OOPT, sample translations for the SpecTra curriculum and sample texts for TraTec curriculum

In this page you will find a PDF file with information on how the OOPT  is structured, and how to get prepared for it. The information is given both in English and in Italian. All the information reported in this file will be read aloud before you start the OOPT.

OOPT sample questions can be found here.

After passing the OOPT test:

For SPECTRA: you will carry out one translation from/into Chinese, French, German, Russian or Spanish into/from Italian (you can choose the direction of the translation). You will be allowed to use up to 3 dictionaries. Please find sample translations on the right-hand side of the page.

For TRATEC: you will carry out one oral rephrasing test in one language among Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish. Please find two sample texts on the right-hand side of the page, noting that during the test candidates will be asked to read and rephrase only one portion of the full text. Also note that the two sample texts are meant to be representative of the level of specialization and type of topics which will characterize the test for all languages.

Please note there are separate arrangements in place for international students (i.e., non-EU students living outside Italy). If in doubt about your status, ​please get in touch with us at