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Partner Universities

Know more about the Partner Universities of the MIREES Joint Degree

MIREES partner Universities are the best gateway for an in-depth understanding of the Central, East European, and Balkan issues.

Italy is the geographically closest country to the area of specialization, and the University of Bologna at Forlì  offers, with its international environment and an integrated Faculty programme with the other University partners, the opportunity of absorbing a detailed knowledge of the most relevant East European issues.

Lithuania is the gateway of a historical and cultural geopolitical triangle set up by Poland, the Black Sea and Russia. The Vytautas Magnus University of Kaunas therefore offers – during the 3rd term – a further strong specialization in Baltic, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian studies, being the gateway of East-Central Europe.

Founded in 1724, Saint-Petersburg State University  is the oldest institution of higher education in Russia.  During the 286 years of its existence University secured the right to be acknowledged as one of the leadinginstitutions of higher education in Russia. In November 2009, Russian President D. A. Medvedev signed a law granting to St. Petersburg State the special status of "a unique scientific and education complex, an oldest institution of higher education in Russia being of a great importance to the development of the Russian society". The right of giving its own diplomas with the official symbols of the Russian Federation has also been granted to the University. The School of International Relations has been established in 1994 and has become prominent centre of teaching and research in a wide range of IR disciplines: theory and history of IR, area studies, international economy and law, comparative politics, sociology. There 100+ full time professors at the School and the whole students body is about 1200, representing about 60 countries from all around the world. The University, through its School for International Relations, offers to MIREES students a program of specialization in Russian, CIS studies and Diplomacy of Russian federation.

Hungary is the gateway to Central and South East Europe: Corvinus University of Budapest and its Institute of Social and European Studies in Köszeg (associate university from 2016/2017) provide – during the 3rd term – a further in-depth understanding of the economic developments in Central Europe and the regional processes of European integrations. Particularly, the Faculty of Economics of the Corvinus University offers to MIREES students an economic specialization on East-Central Europe, while its Institute in Köszeg focuses particularly on political and cultural aspects of globalization as well as European and Central European policies.

Slovenia is the gateway of the Balkans, and – during the 3rd term – the University of Ljubljana (associate partner University) offers to students a further wide programme of courses and networks of relations with the South East European political and cultural realities.

The International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board is set up by a restricted number of scholars and experts with a prominent internationally recognized expertise. Its task is that of giving general inputs to the Master activities, to enhance the quality of its programme, and stimulate Master's potential follow-ups in the labor market.
The International Advisory Board can consult, be consulted and make decisions electronically, via long distance tools.
Advisory board members are:

  • Prof. Ludmila Alekseyevna Verbitskaya, President of the University of St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Dr. Michael Leigh, Director General DG Enlargement Relations EU, Brussels
  • Prof. Joe Mencinger, Member of the State Council, Republic of  Slovenia, former Rector of the University of Ljubljana
  • Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis, Member of the European Parliament, former President of the Lithuanian Republic