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CBI - Challenge Based Innovation - international Open Innovation programme

CBI aims to tackle the challenges of society creating solutions that contribute to the United Nations sustainable development goals. Candidatures open from July, the project starts in October.

SUGAR Network - international Open Innovation programme

Apply to identify innovative solutions to challenges and problems launched by businesses from around the world. Candidatures open from July, the project runs from October to June.

Bando Open Innovation CBI & SUGAR

Online fino all'8 settembre il bando per sostenere e sviluppare idee innovative rivolto a studenti di laurea magistrale e magistrale a ciclo unico, ricercatori e aziende.

Premio “L’Europa che sarà – edizione 2022” per tesi di Laurea Magistrale (2° ciclo) o Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico, per fini di addestramento professionale

Due premi di € 10.000 euro ciascuno per un percorso di addestramento professionale nel Centro Europe Direct dell’Assemblea legislativa. Scadenza: 13/09/2021

Blended teaching activities also during the first semester of the 2021/22 a.y.

Use the "Presente" service to specify how you prefer to attend classes, in person or online.

3 August - Interruption of online services

An update of the network infrastructure of the University's server farm is scheduled for 3 August, between 8:00 and 12:00, which will result in the interruption of many of the services provided.

Curricular Internships at the Ministry of Education

The call for applications to assign 156 curricular internships at the Ministry of Education is now online. Deadline 6 September.

Civic-engagement outstanding merit for Unibo students

Take part now and describe the voluntary work you have undertaken in the last year. Deadline: 6 September

Grants to university students faced with difficulties

Call for applications for the assignment of 500 grants, amounting to 2,000 euro each, to university students faced with difficulties, enrolled in the a.y. 2020/21. Deadline: 14 September.

Minors are here. New opportunities are here

You can add a themed programme to your studies to complement your education, to satisfy your curiosity, or to make your skills more attractive in the world of work.

Nascono i percorsi tematici Minor

Per completare la tua formazione, curiosità o rendere le tue competenze più appetibili; cambiamento climatico, tecnologie green, dai cyber sistemi alle connessioni tra scienza e studi umanistici.

Graduation sessions and 24 CFU-credits: deadlines postponed

Last graduation session of a.y. 2019/20 moved to 15 June 2021 while 22 April is the deadline for completing all exams.


from 18 Oct to 20 Oct 2021

International Graduate Debate - October 18-20 2021 | Estoril Guida

"On the 80th Anniversary of the Atlantic Charter: Structuring a New Alliance of Democracies" Deadline for submission of applications: 26th August 2021