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Interdisciplinary research and studies on Eastern Europe

COVID-19 - Resuming activities safely - The measures adopted by the University of Bologna

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Coopstartup Romagna. Call for new cooperatives

Fourth edition of the call offering grants and free services for starting a business.

Coronavirus update: remote teaching activities in all Alma Mater Campuses

Covid label turns to “dark orange”. The safety Protocol regulating the University’s activities changes for facilities in Bologna, Imola and Ozzano, and from 2 March also in the Romagna Campuses.

A.y. 2019/20 Graduation Sessions

The University approved the postponement of final examinations of a.y. 2019/20 for all degree programmes. Graduation sessions will occur between 24 and 28 May 2021.

First Semester, a.y. 2021/22: Blended teaching activities are confirmed

The Board of Governors confirmed blended teaching activities for all degree programmes (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle degrees) as well as professional programmes (if applicable).

Call for application a.y. 2021/22

The Call for application a.y. 2021/22 for admission to MIREES is now open.

Answer the Call for Startup 2021

From 1 February to 9 March 2021, the Call for StartUp is open for students and fresh graduates with innovative ideas and startuppers.

10 Mar 2021

Migration and the pandemic: analysing interactions and gauging impacts

Dr. Ferruccio Pastore (Forum Internazionale ed Europeo di Ricerche sull’Immigrazione FIERI, Turin)

15 Mar 2021

Italy's G20 Presidency and the post-pandemic global challenges

Dr. Ettore Greco (Institute of International Affairs IAI, Rome)

17 Mar 2021

Borders, logistification of migrations and the Covid crisis

Dr. Giorgio Grappi (University of Bologna)

18 Mar 2021

Reflecting on Post-Cold War Security Institutions

Nicolò Fasola, Doctoral Researcher at the University of Birmingham

22 Mar 2021

Freedom and Censorship in the Socialist Yugoslavia in the post-WWII period, 1945-1960

Ana Dević, Senior Researcher, Faculty of Social Science, KU Leuven, Belgium