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Curricular Internships

The curricular internship is addressed to all students willing to carry out a work experience of training activity to complete their university career, by obtaining the credits provided in their curriculum.

Important update for Internships 

In compliance with the latest Government Decree, that defines the conditions of the so-called 2nd Phase of the Coronavirus emergency, the Department of Political and Social Sciences agrees to the resumption of external and internal Internship activities from May 18,  carried out in presence for all Courses falling under the Department, only if both the following conditions are met: 

  • Companies, organisations and associations hosting our students must be able to guarantee levels of health and security and of hygiene according to law provisions and as specified by standing Internship Agreements.
  • students have to freely declare their will to carry out the Internship in presence within the premises of the Company, organisation or association. 

In case none of the above conditions are agreed upon, it may be possible to activate or continue the Internship remotely. 

However, it is up to the hosting organisations and the trainee to find the best solution accordingly. 

If you intend to restart your suspended Internship or apply for a new one you must: 

  1. preventively contact your Company Tutor to verify the conditions to carry out the internship in presence; 
  2. If you have already started the internship and you are going to restart in presence, you are supposed to send an email to the Internship Office ( to communicate it (please put your Tutors in copy).

We remind you that Companies and Organisations have to put in place security measures and protocols of which you as a trainee must be informed about and are obliged to respect entirely. 

If you are activating or restarting your Internship within the University, you will have to be informed on the protocols and respect every indication contained in them such as (behaviour, access rules, registration, use of personal protection equipment). 

Applications or requests for Internships abroad, that are to take place within the premises of Companies, organisations or associations will be subject of scrutiny by the Internship committee and by the Internship Office. 

For further information, please contact the Internship Office

The curricular internship is addressed to all students willing to carry out a work experience of training activity to complete their university career, by obtaining the credits provided in their curriculum.

The curricular internship is carried out on the basis of an agreement between the University of Bologna and a host (company, public body, NGOs, or firm both in Italy and abroad) and is essentially based upon a programme signed by the parties.

N.B. A curricular internship cannot be carried out in a company/organization whose legal representative, associate or director has family relationships or similar relations (up to second degree relatives) with the applying student.

Who is eligible?

The curricular internship is intended for students regularly enrolled in the academic year in which they wish to carry out the internship. For this course the internship is an additional educational activity of your choice, not included in the study plan: this means that you have to include it in your study plan and do it during the 2nd year or anticipate it at the first  (see the section "How to apply for a curricular internship").

Duration of a curricular internship

For this course, the curricular internship has been fixed to 200 hours corresponding to 8 credits “CFU” (8 CFU*25 ore). Internships must be completed within 12 months from their start date.

The length of the Inthernship may be extended of 20% without formal additional procedures required, if  deemed necessary for the fulfilment of course objectives.

How to apply for a curricular internship

1. Verify if you are regularly enrolled to the current academic year;

2. The Student must include the internship in the study plan.

The internship may normally be carried out during the second semester of the second academic year, once completed the mandatory mobility period. In order to activate a new internship you must always download Form 3 (see annex), duly compile/sign it, and finally deliver it to the Degree Programme Coordinator. Remember that the credits acquired through the internship activities are considered as extra credits added to the total 120 credits required for graduation. N.B.  Before submitting your application, make sure you have found a firm or company interested in hosting you for your internship.

3. Choose your firm or company

Internships may be carried out within the University or externally, either in Italy or abroad.

To choose where to carry out the internship, log in to the Online Traineeship Service where you can find our partners (that have already signed an agreement with the University) and the list of available internship offers.

If you have found a company ready to host you, and that has not registered with us, send the company details (name of the company, name of the responsible, email, and phone number) to the internship office which will provide to initiate an agreement procedure.

You may initiate your internship at any time of the year, but only after approval by the internship committee, that meets monthly during the third week (except for the month of august).

However, if you have preferences in the timing of your internship, you will need to programme and initiate the procedures in advance. For the companies or firms that are not registered with us, the timeline from the registration procedure to the actual beginning  of your internship may take approximately 60 days.

4. Follow the online course on health and safety measures for work environments, as required by the D. Lgs. Number 81 of the 9th of April 2008.

5. How to activate an internship

  • Apply for an internship offer or send your request (“autocandidatura”) to one of our partners through the Online Traineeship Service following the guidelines (upload your CV and a cover letter, then choose an academic tutor from the list “academic tutor” attached). At each step you will receive constant updates on your application by mail.
  • Acceptance by the “company” and validation of the academic tutor. The company accepts your internship application or request, through the Online Traineeship Service. After you are accepted by the host company, you are required to confirm online the acceptance of your internship; then, the host company will complete the Internship Programme. The programme will be checked by the internship office and then the academic tutor has to validate/reject/modify it.
  • Approval of the internship Applications will be monthly submitted to the competent Internship Committee, which must authorise their activation.
  • Upload of the Internship Programme. After the approval of your Internship, download the Internship Programme, sign it, obtain the “company” representative's signature, and finally upload the programme together with a copy of an identity document of the company's representative.
  • Download the attendance register before starting your Internship. Please note that the attendance register is crucial and necessary for your insurance cover.

What to do during the internship period

After the approval, you may start your Internship that has to be carried out in the period in between the start and end dates shown on the attendance register. On the attendance register you have to record daily: date, the daily hours of activity, the type of tasks and acquire the Host Contact Person's signature in the relevant box.

Please monitor the Internship hours that must not exceed 8 hours daily/40 hours per week.

Your representatives are the company’s representative and the academic tutor.

The internship’s activity must be continuous. In case of interruptions lasting more than ten days, you must alert the internship office which must subsequently inform the Internship Committee.

In case of travel to sites not indicated in the internship programme, the company tutor must notify the internship office in advance (24h earlier) by email communicating the  date, place of travel, the reason and  persons accompanying the trainee

Please note that the insurance coverage does not cover liabilities outside the workplace and therefore students are not allowed to leave the workplace during the recorded working hours.

Withdrawal, interruption, suspension

If you intend to withdraw or interrupt your internship for reasons that do not allow further continuation, you must notify the office below, stating your reasons to the internship office.

Insurance cover

To all students attending an internship programme within the framework of this University, an appropriate insurance cover against accidents at work and third-party liability claims according to the Italian Legislative Decree n. 81, dated 9 April 2008, on environmental and accident prevention is provided.

What is more, the online training, if completed, will issue a valid Certificate on Health and security that may be presented to the hosting company or firm. Please note that, once the certificate is issued, it does not expire.

What to do at the end of the internship period

At the end of the internship period, the trainee shall:

  • Upload the Attendance Register online via the Online Traineeship Service;
  • Complete and upload the final report (see “Final report drafting indications” attached) and obtain the tutor's validation;
  • Fill in the online final questionnaire.

Monthly, the internship office checks all the documents uploaded online and reports the list of completed internships to the professor in charge.

Request for recognition of work experience

The Course regulations do not contemplate the recognition of work experience as internship.

Postgraduate internships

Training and guidance internships can be carried out by recent graduates within 12 months of graduation. The University of Bologna activates training and guidance internships based exclusively in Emilia-Romagna.