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Information on writing a dissertation

Choosing the subject and the rules on preparing the dissertation for the final examination.

Choosing and proposing a subject

To graduate, you must propose a dissertation subject to a teacher within your Degree Programme, who will assess the validity of your proposal in relation to your study plan.  You will have to prove to be able to put together and summarize a bibliography on the subject and re-elaborate it based on the required editorial rules.

Editorial rules

Theses shall be written according to the formal standards reported in the Guidelines for thesis editing in attachment.

Students writing final theses are required to complete academic research using the appropriate
methodology. Students must also demonstrate relevant analytical skills to successfully
complete the final project. The work must be well structured in order to clearly and directly
present the results of the completed research. The use of a wide range of academic literature
is encouraged.

While writing their final theses, students are required to meet regularly with their thesis
supervisors and consult with them.

Master’s students’ research projects are evaluated according to the work’s originality, the
degree to which their theme is developed, their compliance with the School’s guidelines and
other criteria determined by the supervising instructor.