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Compulsory Mirees mobility

All the information regarding the compulsory Mirees Mobility

Students are expected to attend the first semester of the second year abroad in one of the following partner Universities for at least 5-6 months: Vytautas Magnus University at Kaunas, Saint Petersburg State University, University of Zagreb. The student mobility can be carried out also at an associated partner University, on the basis of separate specific agreements, including the Comenius University in Bratislava, the University of Ljubljana and the Corvinus University.

The mobility is an integral part of the student teaching programme and is aimed at carrying out educational activities in order to fulfil the required number of University credits as well as the research activities related to the master’s thesis.

Living and studying for a semester in a MIREES Partner University allow students to combine knowledge and concrete experience on the ground. In addition, they will become aware of the importance of learning different languages (even less used or taught languages) and perspectives in order to be more open and tolerant in the situation of multilingual and multicultural Europe. As a result, they will be better prepared in managing differences as well as in rooting a sense of co-ownership of the process of European integration.

Therefore, as soon as the 1st and 2nd term are spent in Italy, MIREES students can experience their mobility and attend courses in the 3rd semester. The selection of the University is to be negotiated with the MIREES Faculty on the basis of the following:

  1. student motivation and area of research interests
  2. academic performance
  3. language knowledge
  4. The number of available exchange places offered by the hosting University.

MIREES mobility is provided by the Erasmus+, and by the MIREES Mobility Scheme (MMS, for European countries or students excluded from the Erasmus+) or  by any other bilateral agreement  with  the University of Bologna.

Exceptions might be considered by the International Faculty and involve the Associate partners’ Universities.

Mobility's Destinations

Partner Universities that recognize jointly the MIREES diploma

Associate Partner University:

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