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Alumni and students' testimonies

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Rimante Jaugaite

I am so glad that I had a chance to study at MIREES because it changed me and my point of view a lot.

Some of my friends could barely recognize me back home (no kidding). MIREES helped me to become more critical and mature. Moreover, it enabled me to look at the processes from different perspectives.

For example, studying the Balkans allowed me to see the present problems back to my home Baltics.

Time spent at MIREES was absolutely one of the best (and the most intensive!) years of my life.

Jovana Mastilovic

I chose the University of Bologna because it is a renowned and reputable educational institution. Being one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Bologna has a very structured and organized system with a strong social factor, offering a wide range of degree programs to meet all areas of interest, specialties and possibilities.

I was recommended the Master of Arts program Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe by prominent professors in the field of history at my undergraduate degree program in Political Science in Serbia. Having a strong interest in EU integration of the Western Balkans and reconciliation I became very interested in the MIREES program. The fact that this is an international Master program conducted in the English language also attracted me.

My two year experience at MIREES was very unique and rewarding. The opportunity to learn from distinguished professors from all of the world specializing in Eastern Europe widened my horizons and provided me with exceptional contacts and opportunities. The environment at MIREES like the University Campus of Forli is very multicultural and international, contributing to the structure of the program while being situated in a beautiful Italian city in Emilia-Romagna. The research aspect of MIREES provided me with the opportunity to develop experience and an analytical approach to data collection while having the support throughout my research by my supervisor. During this period I gained exceptional research experience and skills which have guided me to pursue my academic career as a Ph.D candidate in Australia where I continue my study of the Western Balkan region. During my studies at MIREES I participated at the Association for the Study of Nationalities Convention at Columbia University, New York. I was rewarded a grant for this and support was given throughout my entire studies at MIREES and still continues through the MIREES Alumni Association.

Angela Velkova

University of Bologna enjoys a wide international reputation especially among SEE countries where I originate from. A blend of academic excellence, international prestige, and historic vigor makes Unibo one of the most attractive academic destinations on a world level.

I chose MIREES because of the interdisciplinarity and great dynamics the program has in stock for its prospective students. I never felt bored while pursuing MIREES as the very stimulating and international character of the program has always triggered a deeper academic interest in a field that is of both paramount importance and asset to my country's (Macedonia's) future development and international integration.

​I love the versatility of courses and opportunities that arise during the course of the program. The great diversity among students accompanied by the different profiles of professors from multiple social science fields guarantees an all-encompassing international experience. I can already see this experience having a significant input in my both personal and professional development so I wholeheartedly recommend MIREES to everyone that aspires to gain knowledge, personal network, and instruments on how to assist the development and integration of the post-socialist space.

Greta Baccaro

I am glad to have chosen MIREES for my MA. It gave me the necessary tools to develop my professional profile along with the chance to improve my Russian Language skills.

The in-depth socio-cultural background that the courses give, is excellent to better comprehend the economic and political situation of Eastern Europe and Russia.