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Mirees Mobility Experiences

I did my mobility at Corvinus University of Budapest. This mobility experience gave me an opportunity to explore Hungarian society by living in the very centre of the country.

I took classes from International Relations study discipline. I also worked at “Cold War History Research Centre” which provided a chance to use Central European University library.

Both universities have a good central location, which one can easily enjoy the city centre or Danube river, while having a short break from studies.

This experience is definitely worth to be repeated.

MIrkamran Huseynli, 2nd year student

I spent my last MIREES semester at the Indiana University, Bloomington (USA) thanks to the Overseas program.

Being able to experience the American academic environment, which is in many ways very different from the Italian and European one, has been a really valuable opportunity.

I got to meet many professors of the Russian and Eastern European Institute and to participate in their courses and events, which was a great learning experience that I would suggest to all MIREES students.

Martina Bergamaschi, 2nd year student

I’m still in Lithuania, I finished my Internship at the Institute of Italian Culture in Vilnius last week, and I am enjoying these last days. I’m forwarding a photo as the “testimonial” of the summer which has arrived very early this year with unexpected high temperatures. There are many activities and events all around the city, one of those is the hot-air balloon tour.

I was blessed by this experience, and by the fact that I could work and live in an international atmosphere where I met wonderful people.

Eleonora Santi, 2nd year student