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Vocational/training apprenticeships in Italy

An apprenticeship or training activity is an active policy training measure aimed at creating direct contacts between the persons and the host companies/organizations. The objective is that of enhancing the trainee's skills and knowledge in a specific field, allowing him/her to acquire specific professional/job skills, and favouring his/her recruitment in the job market.

Vocational/training apprenticeships consist in a training or work experience in a job situation but it does not imply an employment relationship.

The maximum duration for a training/vocational apprenticeship is of 6 months to be completed within the same host company/organization (including any extension). The work experience can only start after the signing of an agreement between the University and the company/organization, and after drafting a training/vocational project, which must be signed by the representatives of the promoting entity and of the host company/organization, as well as by the trainee. No job trials are provided.

The trainees can be all people having obtained a degree/graduation (first or second level degree, specialization degree, PhD degree, first or second level Professional Master degree) within 12 months from the graduation date.

In compliance with the Italian Government's and the Italian Regions' guidelines published in January 2013, the host company/organizations are required to pay for a remuneration, and to release a certification of attendance assessing the job activities carried out by the trainee and the skills and knowledge acquired by him/her at the end of the apprenticeship or training activity.

For the training activities or apprenticeships activated within the Emilia Romagna Region:

  • The remuneration to the charge of the host company/organization shall not be lower than Eur. 450.00 per month;
  • The Training Project for work experience/apprenticeship shall refer to the "Sistema Regionale delle Qualifiche" ("Regional Qualifications Framework").
  • The assessment of the job activity carried out and the skills/knowledge acquired at the end of the period by the trainee shall be executed through the SFRC system ("Sistema Regionale di Formalizzazione e Certificazione delle Competenze").

The work experiences and apprenticeships carried out in other Italian Regions are run and promoted according to the regulations applicable in the Region where the work experience/apprenticeship is based.

To view the training opportunities and the companies/organizations having an agreement with the University, it is necessary to access the Internship Online Application Tool.
Where applicable, the activation of vocational/training apprenticeship in a foreign Country is regulated by the national legislation of the Country where the host company/organization is based, or by specific international agreements.