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The Curriculum deals with analysis and management of marine coastal areas. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students gain a deep understanding of coastal processes, measures for mitigation and adaptation and ability to manage risks associated with natural and human-induced events, consequences of global changes. Classroom lessons are enriched by practical activities in lab and field trips

What will you study?

The curriculum involves the integrated study of hydrology, ecology, physiology, chemistry, geochemistry and advanced mapping technologies, applied to coastal environment. Students will take part to an interdisciplinary laboratory to apply the skills acquired and will be able to personalize their study plan with elective courses and the research project for the thesis.

Experiences abroad

The programme offers several opportunities to carry out experiences abroad, both for study and thesis internship thanks to well established connections with universities and institutions leader in coastal environment research. This experience allow students to come into contact with different global realities and dynamics and enriches the professional curriculum.

Build your own future. This is what you can do with this degree.

5 reasons to enrol on the degree programme

To become an expert in the analysls/management of the marine­coastal environments and the wetland systems at the interface between fresh and salt waters.

To gain an advanced and up to date knowledge on water and coastal issues related to cllmate change.

To gain skills in proposing and comparing solutions to the issues posed by the management of coastal,wetland and port areas.

To gain practical experience through fleld actlvltles in the very diverse coastal and marine environment, guided by expert teachers.

To gain a multidisciplinary background, ideal to access international career opportunities.

As a former WACOMA student, I can confidently say that the subjects, course structure and support from the program have helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life. The level and quality of the education I received as a student was a key point in helping me find a job after graduation.

Victor Almeida, graduate from USA

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