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6 borse di studio per la European Law and Governance School MAECI/ELGS (Grecia)

Possibilità riservata a studenti italiani stanziata dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri per 6 borse di studio per i programmi offerti dalla European Law and Governance School - Scadenza: 31 ottobre 2022

Pubblicato il 25 agosto 2022

Seguono le istruzioni, in inglese, per candidarsi, e le descrizioni dei programmi offerti.

The criteria to apply are the following:


  1.  To be an Italian citizen
  2.  To have not completed the 35th age
  3.  Have a previous academic background (to have completed your undergraduate studies)
  4.  To have a Certificate of Proficiency in English (if non-native speaker, scanned and uploaded)
  5.  Application form (available at


Applications are accepted until Monday October 31. Keep in mind that the candidate should fill the relevant form LLM/MA/MSt (as provided below in the explanation of each available program). Please note that upon submission of the application, the only fee candidates have to pay is the 50euro non-refundable application fee.


Applications are open for the following programs: 


Research Program Degree:

Master of Studies: A 1-year degree program which enables students to conduct independent research in the fields of Legal Research, Governance Studies, or on an interdisciplinary topic. This is a degree that does not require full time residency in Greece. Successful applicants will be assigned a supervisor, based upon their academic interests, from the renown International Faculty Network of the ELGS. ➤➤


Postgraduate Program Degrees:

LLM in EU Law: A one-year taught degree program aiming to offer a solid understanding of the manner the EU works, a comprehensive vision of the main EU policy areas combined with a spot-on analysis of some of the most dynamic policy areas. The approach followed will be essentially legal, but the political and other contextual dynamics will also be put into perspective ➤➤

MA in Governance: This rigorous academic program combines a strong politics and governance core with a variety of choices including international relations, economics and public policy. Migration, terrorism, climate change, economic stability, and international crime – these are all examples of social challenges that local, national and international organizations in the public sector are facing and trying to manage ➤➤


Please, note that all the programs are available both in presence and on-line, in simultaneous e- learning mode.

Prospective students should apply through the website of the ELGS. The selection process will be conducted jointly with the Italian MFA. 


For more information, kindly follow the link at: