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EBU label- Bioeconomy qualification supplement

The University of Bologna is a partner of the Erasmus+ project so called “EBU label- Bioeconomy qualification supplement”

EBU label- Bioeconomy qualification supplement

The University of Bologna is a partner of the Erasmus+ project so called “EBU label- Bioeconomy qualification supplement”. The following Degree Programmes are part of the project:

  • Low Carbon Technologies and Sustainable Chemistry
  • Analisi E Gestione Dell'ambiente (Environmental Assessment and Management)
  • Scienze e Gestione della Natura (Master in Sciences and management of nature)
  • International Master in Horticultural Science
  • Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie (Agricultural sciences and technologies)
  • Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria per l'ambiente e il territorio (Master in Environmental Engineering)

The EBU label is a common qualification supplement offered by the six EBU partner universities. By integrating the current curricula with the skills and competences that have been identified as crucial for bioeconomy curricula such as cross-sectoral mind-set and collaboration, inter- and trans-disciplinarity, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving, sustainability transformation and transition knowledge, among others, the students will be encouraged to develop a T-shaped skills profile consisting of disciplinary expertise, relevant soft skills as well as sustainability competences.

The EBU label explicitly promotes the inter- and trans-disciplinarity of existing master curricula to equip the students with an understanding of bioeconomy-related disciplines and their scientific language, in addition to their disciplinary expertise.

By obtaining the EBU label, you will be recognized as a professional with the right knowledge and skills to shape the transformation towards a sustainable bioeconomy. You will be able to upgrade your disciplinary expertise by incorporating inter- and transdisciplinarity, cross-sectoral collaboration and sustainability competences.

The EBU qualification supplement will be granted to students who fulfil the following criteria:

Mandatory criteria:

  • Enrolment in one of the agreed bioeconomy-relevant master program at one of the EBU partner institutions.
  • Willingness for the acquisition of a T-shaped skills profile consisting of disciplinary expertise, hard and soft skills as well as sustainability competences;
  • Master thesis with an explicit link to the bioeconomy through inclusion of a chapter describing the relevance of the thesis results to the bioeconomy;
  • Participation in the ‘EBU student journey’ combined with one of the activities listed below or in two of the activities listed below:

Optional activities:

  • Participation in one of the bioeconomy-related MOOCs;
  • Participation in soft-skill training including digital skills and lifelong learning programs;
  • Being proactive within the bioeconomy environment (entrepreneurship / activity in a bioeconomy student group / social media group);
  • Active participation in bioeconomy events (congresses, conferences, competitions, workshops etc.);
  • An exchange semester at one of the partner universities.

For more detailed information, download the document in this page (how to enroll)

For pre-registration to EBU Label check information here:




EBU student journey 2022: will take place in Bologna from 20 to 24 June.

The Call for applications is open until 21.03.2022.


If you have additional questions, please send an e-mail to  or contact your programme coordinator.


An informative online session on EBU Label and EBU Student Journey will be held on the 21st February 2022 at 13.00 at the following link