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Exchange students – Department of Legal Studies (DSG)

Exchange students @Department of Legal Studies (DSG)

Welcome to the University of Bologna! From now until the end of your exchange period please always use your Unibo credentials and your institutional email address

Please read carefully the general guide for incoming students on this page where you will find all the necessary information during your stay: getting ready, accommodation, during the mobility (check-in, check-out procedures), at the end of the mobility, relevant contacts for exchange students, ecc.  

Academic Calendar

Our exchange students usually arrive in Italy a few weeks before the start of the courses, so they have enough time to get to know a little bit about Bologna and our University before attending lectures. 

The official Academic Calendar a.y. 2020/21 of the Department of Legal Studies is the following:

  • Courses in the 1° semester: 21/09/2020 - 11/12/2020
  • Exam Session 1° semester: 07/01/2021 - 19/02/2021
  • Courses in the 2° semester: 22/02/2021 - 14/05/2021
  • Exam Session 2° semester: 24/05/2021 - 22/07/2021

Exchange students are able to sit one exam up to 3 times (“appelli”). 

Learning Agreement (LA)

You are allowed to take courses from any of our Law degree programmes according to your semester of stay. Following, please consult our formative offers at these links: Single-Cycle Degree in Giurisprudenza (Law), Bachelor Degree in Consulente del lavoro e delle relazioni aziendali (Labour and Corporate Relations Advisor) and the Master Degree in Legal Studies.

Course units in English are accessible here and on the complete course catalogue where you can filter by area, language, level, campus, etc..

Please mind that there are several rules that you have to follow when completing your Learning Agreement (LA) if you have been nominated under the Department of Legal Studies (DSG):

  • you are required to take at least 50% of all courses in your Learning Agreement from the Department of Legal Studies;
  • if your mobility is ongoing for only one semester, you are required to insert only courses offered in that semester;
  • you are not allowed to insert courses from our double degrees (the Italian-French or the Italian-Spanish programmes);
  • for courses from the LM in Legal Studies it is necessary to check in advance with the dedicated Professor for possible prerequisites (since it is a Master level degree programme), and the requested English language level. For more information it is always possible to get in touch with the Degree Programme Coordinator. For a.y. 2020-21 it is not possible for incoming exchange students to take the following course: 91364 - FOUNDATIONS OF PUBLIC COMPARATIVE LAW 

  • exchange students, even if undergraduate (bachelor level), can take courses from any year of the 5 years single-cycle degree programme in Giurisprudenza (Law) and from the Master degree in Legal Studies prior check with the dedicated Professor in case pre-requisites are needed.
  • if you want to take courses from other Departments or Campus, you are firstly required to contact the dedicated International Mobility Office and ask the permission for each specific course, including information regarding your year in your home-University (the contact by study field can be accessed at this link). After you receive the formal approval, please forward it to us in a single email. Only afterwards we will sign your LA;
  • once you have decided all your courses, you are required to complete your LA including the course codenamesemester, ECTS. Please fill it digitally;
  • if you choose a course divided in groups (ex. A-C) you should follow the group with the letter of your first last name as registered on AlmaRM. Only in case of documented needs (ex. overlap), if you have to change group you should first ask to the dedicated Professor and, afterwards, forward to our office the email and a request including your student number, the course code, the previously assigned Professor, the new Professor, and the new group. Group changes are accepted only within the first weeks of lesson. 

You will have to upload your LA on our AlmaRM page. Please, note that although there is no formal deadline for this procedure, we strongly advise you to check with your home-University and, for students arriving in the 1° semester, before the end of July, while for students that arrive in the 2° semester, before the end of January.

Please note that if you need any help in completing your LA, you can contact us by email and ask for help! If you would like specific information about courses, you can find also your Unibo Professor in charge of your exchange in your AlmaRM portal, which you can contact for getting advice on the activities you intend to take.

Should your LA be refused, you will be notified and we will detail the reasons to allow you to upload a new version of the LA on your AlmaRM page.

Please note that courses and timetable might have slightly changes just before the beginning of the Semester, so if you have already uploaded your Learning Agreement, wait up to the first weeks of lessons if you need to make changes in your LA (we will not accept more than 3 changes in LA during the whole mobility programme);

Once approved your LA, remember also to fill in your online Study Plan (this is fundamental for being able to register for exams).

Italian Language courses for incoming students

In order to make the most of your exchange period, our University Language Center (CLA) offers free Italian courses for exchange students, upon registration. Please remember to check deadlines so you won’t miss the registration period (places are limited. More information about Italian courses for international students can be found on this page

Changing your mobility period

You are allowed to ask for an extension of your mobility period following the information at this link.

Please mind that we will expect students to complete the LA only with courses from the approved study period. If you intend to ask for an extension, please firstly do so and only afterwards notify us and update the new LA.

Check-out and Transcript of Records

The Check-out procedure is fundamental for all exchange students; please consult all relevant information regarding Check-out and Transcript of Records and Certificate of Attendance.  

Lastly, please remember to check your Unibo e-mail frequently because all communications will be sent to your institutional inbox.

Enjoy your stay in Bologna!

The International Mobility Office - Law