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Road to IMAT 2019

Information for IMAT candidates

Published on 29 July 2019

IMAT registration for A.Y. 2019/20 admission closed on 25 July 2019 at 15:00 (Italian time); here is some useful information about what to do next while waiting for test day.

Read the call for applications

The call for applications includes ​information about test procedures, deadlines, rankings, etc.  All candidates are advised to read it thoroughly before taking the IMAT test.


Prepare for the test

The following materials are available for download:


Check whether you need additional paperwork for enrolment

In some cases, as part of the enrolment procedure after test results and rankings are published, successful applicants will be required to hand in additional documents which may take a while to be ready (e.g. Dichiarazione di Valore, translated/legalised certificates, etc.).
We strongly recommend all candidates to read Section 9 of the call for applications and the web pages linked there to check which documents should be provided upon enrolment, so they can be requested/collected in time.


Student finance

Tuition fees
Tuition fees for all students may be calculated on the basis of the ISEE certificate (income and property); click here for further information.
International students who cannot apply for ISEE may submit alternative documentation to certify their economic situation.

Grants and other student finance opportunities
Our University offers a range of student finance opportunities (e.g. grants, accommodation, etc.). For each benefit, a call for applications is published yearly; we advise that candidates have a look at which opportunity suits their situation best, and take note of any relevant deadline.
Please note that most calls for application to benefits managed by ER.GO have a FINAL APPLICATION DEADLINE IN AUGUST 2019 for the 2019/20 academic year - check the 2019/20 ER.GO Guide to Applications for further information.


Test day (12 September 2019)

Candidates who chose to sit the test in Bologna must refer to the call for applications (Section 5) for details about reaching and accessing the test venue. Any change in the test venue will be published on 2 September 2019 on the webpage of the call for applications.
Candidates who chose to sit the test outside of Italy must refer to their chosen test venue for directions, access rules, etc.


After the test

Please refer to Sections 7, 8, and 9 of the call for applications for deadlines and information about ranking publication and enrolment procedures.



If you failed to complete your IMAT registration by 25 July 2019 at 15:00 Italian time, we regret that it is not possible to accept late applications. Information about 2020/21 admissions will be updated on this website as soon as possible (approx. from February or March 2020 onwards). 

General information about admission procedures (IMAT, transfer, etc.) is always available in the 'Admission' section of this website.