Laurea Magistrale (Second cycle degree/Two year Master - 120 ECTS) in International Horticultural Science

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International Horticultural Science

Programme type
Laurea Magistrale (Second cycle degree/Two year Master - 120 ECTS)

Student Service Office

International Degree Programme
Joint degree

Admission typology
Free access degree programme with assessment of personal academic preparation

Degree Programme Director
Francesco Spinelli

See all details in the programme sheet


Umberto Santagata - Programme Coordinator Amministrativo
Segreteria Studenti Agraria - Viale Fanin 50
Opening hours:
- Monday 9,00-11,15
- Wednesday 9,00-11,15
- Thursday 14,30 - 15,30
Or by appointment, writing an email to:

Melissa Venturi
Tutor del corso di laurea
Opening hours:
Only by appointment

School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
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Admissions for the A.Y. 2016/17 - Bando di Ammissione
Check out the entry requirements and the admission procedure for our international degree programme
Programme Overview and Description
Here you can find information about the 2nd-cycle degree in International Horticultural Science
Presentazione del cdl magistrale in Ortofrutticoltura Internazionale - italian version
Informazioni generali sulla laurea magistrale in Ortofrutticoltura Internazionale (LM-69)
Admission Interviews A.Y. 2016/17
Check out the calendar for the admission interviews A.Y. 2016/17

International Relations

International mobility for IMAHS students
The School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine promotes international exchange and offers to enrolled students several mobility opportunities for study and traineeship abroad
Double degree with Szent Istvàn University of Budapest
A Double Degree (DD) Programme is an integrated course of studies, based on an inter-institutional agreement, which grants two degrees. Students take part of their exams abroad, at the Partner University.


Third semester at the University of Bolzano
Here you can find information regarding the third semester specialization in Bolzano
Academic Basecamp 2016 Edition
The IMAHS Academic Basecamp is part of the degree programme and is worth 3 ECTS
Thesis guidelines and research topics available
The fourth semester (30 ECTS) will be dedicated to a research-based thesis. Find out more about the research topics offered by UNIBO-UNIBZ
Research Project - Internship
The research project is intended to learn and carry out practical activities in the University or extra-University facilities, in Italy or abroad.


IMAHS Info meetings and Open days 2016
Find out more about the info meetings and Open days scheduled for 2016
Idoneità inglese B2 per l'ammissione al corso - B2 English Language Test for prospective students
IMAHS offre tre sessioni gratuite di idoneità di lingua inglese B2 per gli studenti che non sono in possesso del requisito linguistico per l'ammissione al corso o coloro che sono interessati ad immatricolarsi entro il 29 Dicembre 2016.
Teaching Calendar and Course Timetable A.Y. 2016/17
I° semester 26/09/2016 - 20/12/2016


Funding Opportunities for prospective and current students (Borse di studio)
Check out the scholarships, aids and benefits offered by ER.GO. the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education in Emilia- Romagna, Alma Mater Studiorum -University of Bologna and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Degree Programme Tutor Service
IMAHS a tutorship service for prospective and enrolled students, find out more here!


Unibo Action 2 - A. Y. 2017/18
Published on 27 January 2017


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