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Students will experience multidisciplinary training and research-led teaching in subjects covering the main aspects of horticultural production and the supply chain. The programme will benefit from the collaboration with the horticultural industry.

Build your own future. This is what you can do with this degree.

5 reasons to enrol on the degree programme

Thanks to an international, multicultural environment, students are trained to become globally-employable experts

Multidisciplinary and international courses to train highly-skilled professionals

From the first year, students are in touch with the main players in the field

This degree programme is taught entirely in English, with classes held both in Bologna and Bolzano

Course graduates will earn a double degree with a foreign university

The course in numbers

  • 86% International students and students not residing in the region

  • 77% Graduates aligned to the exam schedule

  • 57% Graduates with experience abroad

  • 89% Graduates satisfied with their studies

  • 56% Graduates who are working

  • 22% Graduates who are not working but are studying or not looking for work

  • 22% Graduates who are not working but looking for work

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