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Degree Programme Director and Board  

Degree Programme Director and Board: duties and competence.

Degree Programme Director

The Degree Programme Director is elected by the professors and researches in the Degree Programme Board. The Director, who remains in office for three years, is responsible for the implementation of the Board’s guidelines and liaises with the relevant Departments and Schools.

Director: Prof. Valerio Cozzani

Degree Programme Board

The Degree Programme Board is formed by the academic staff responsible for the teaching activities of the Degree Programme and by three student representatives, elected according to University regulations.
The Degree Programme Board formulates recommendations regarding teaching planning, system revisions and teaching regulations for the Departments. It also formulates recommendations regarding teaching organisation and support activities for Schools and Departments, within their area of competence.

List of Degree Programme academic staff

Student representatives

Management system and Commissions

The management system of the Civil Engineering Degree Programme has been defined and organized within a broader framework of connections with the structures involved, such as the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (Department of Reference), the School of Engineering and Architecture and the offices of the Education Division belonging to the Department of the General Administration of the University - AFORM.
The Degree Programme Board defines the policy lines on issues of strategic importance and defines the medium to long term goals in relation to the Department and the School.

The course is structured taking into account the need to handle two macro-processes: the first in the field of teaching management and quality assurance, entrusted respectively to the Teaching Commission and the AQ Management Commission.

The second process is related to the management of student careers; the activities are carried out under the guidance of a Study Plan Commission, an Erasmus Commission, an Admission Commission to the Master's Degree and a Internship Commission. These are  appointed within the Council and are delegated to carry out investigative activities in order to verify and monitor the processes entrusted to them. Specifically, aspects related to student careers are managed through a direct interaction between competent commissions and offices (Student administration office, Internship office, International student mobility office).

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Other Commissions

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