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In this programme, you will acquire a qualified education with a broad international scope and a strong connection to the industrial world. You will take part in Erasmus and Overseas schemes to conduct examinations or complete your thesis abroad and obtain training that is in high demand in the chemical, food, oil & gas, materials, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

What will you study?

The programme has the specific objective of training professional Chemical Engineers and Biotechnology Engineers. The aim of the programme is pursued through teaching areas consistent with the competencies that the trained professional must possess. There is one track in Italian and one international track taught completely in English.

Experiences abroad

You will do internships abroad by participating in a mobility scheme (Erasmus+ Mobility and Internship, Overseas, calls for foreign theses) or by finding a foreign company or organisation. Opportunities are extended to leading European and American universities. A double degree is possible with North Carolina State University.

Build your own future. This is what you can do with this degree.

5 reasons to enrol on the degree programme

This qualified training programme is highly internationalised and linked with the world of industry.

It develops the skills required by the chemical, energy, food, biotechnology, materials, and pharmaceutical industries.

It stands out for its marked multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral nature.

Numerous exchanges are in place enabling you to spend periods of study, training or research abroad.

The industrial areas of reference are marked by a very strong demand for the professional figures prepared by the programme.

The course in numbers

  • 76% International students and students not residing in the region

  • 58% Graduates aligned to the exam schedule

  • 44% Graduates with experience abroad

  • 89% Graduates satisfied with their studies

  • 66% Graduates who are working

  • 23% Graduates who are not working but are studying or not looking for work

  • 11% Graduates who are not working but looking for work

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