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Chemical and Process Engineering

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Programme aims

The 2ndcycle degree programme aims specifically to produce professional ChemicalEngineers and Biotechnological Engineers. The specific learning outcomes areachieved through a curriculum focusing on seven main learning areas, consistentwith the competences required by the professional profiles: 1. specialistbasic skills in mathematics and basic sciences and more specific aspects linkedto fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, transport phenomena and unit operations 2. design 3. processdevelopment 4.environment, safety and sustainability 5.biotechnologies 6. materials 7. off-shoreplants In… Read more

Admission requirements

The minimum graduate admission requirement is a bachelor's university degree of three years duration or gained through the acquisition of at least 180 ECTS credits or other degree from accredited institutions recognized as equivalent. Applicants are accepted with Italian or International university degrees which include a suitable number of university credits in fundamental subjects for chemical, materials or process engineering, together with appropriate corresponding grades (applicants with an Italian degree are invited to read the Italian version of course regulation for detailed… Read more