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Guidelines and Deadlines for Final Graduation

 In order to get graduated the S.Co.Re students have to acquire 120 credits:

- 60 credits during the first year;

- 30 credits during the second year;

- 3 credits for the thesis project;

- 27 credits for the internship and the final dissertation.


Graduation ceremonies are expected to take place in:

- July (I session)

- October (II session)

- December (II session-bis)

- March (III session)

Graduating students are expected to defence their final dissertation in front of a Graduation Committee (composed by up to 5 professors belonging to the Programme) that will judge the scientific quality and the presentation skills. The thesis dissertation should be prepared under the guidance of a Supervisor (relatore) and based on the results achieved during the internship experience.

The Graduation Committee can assign to the thesis dissertation a maximum of 8 points that will be added to the final average score achieved by the student during his/her academic career.

The final evaluation grade is based on 110/110 (possibly cum laude/with honours).



The student may choose to major in a teaching course which is part of his/her two years study plan (piano di studi). In any case, the student should first ask the availability of thesis supervision to the Professor in charge of the selected course.


SUPERVISOR (relatore)

Students can choose the Supervisor among the SCORE Programme professors by directly presenting him/her their ideas or research project and asking for his/her interest and availability. The topic for the final thesis is chosen according to the personal and academic interests of both the student and the Supervisor. Once the Supervisor has accepted the thesis project an internship period follows. During this period students will gather materials to write their thesis under the guidance of the Supervisor.


Only full professors, associate professors, assistant professors (researchers) and contract professors holding a teaching activity within the University of Bologna can act as Supervisor.


The thesis title, once agreed with the Supervisor, must be communicated to the Didactic Office (Ms. Carla Gironi) by means of the Thesis Title Module. This should be done at least 6 months before the date of the final dissertation.



First of all, the Thesis Title Module, duly signed by the Supervisor, has to be delivered to the Didactic Office (Ms. Carla Gironi) at least 6 months before the date of the final dissertation, in order to be approved by the S.Co.Re Committee (Consiglio di Corso di Studi).

Once the Thesis Title has been approved, the student can start with the application for admission to the final examination that must be submitted on-line at the following link:


Check deadlines on the table below.





First deadline:

on-line application for admission to final examination

Second deadline:

possession of requisites*

Third deadline:

Thesis upload

Fourth deadline:

online supervisor approval

July 13, 2017

I session

From April 15, 2017 to May 15, 2017

With delay:

From May 1​6 to May 22, 2017

(30,00 Euro for late payment)

From May 2​3 to June 1​5, 2017

(60,00 Euro for late payment)


June 22, 2017

July ​3,  201​7

July ​7, 2017

October 26, 2017

II session

From August 5, 2017 to September 15, 2017

With delay:

From September 16 to September 22, ​2017

(30,00 Euro for late payment)

From September 23 to September ​28, ​2017

(60,00 Euro for late payment)

October ​5, 201​7

October ​16, ​2017

October 2​0, 201​7

December 14, 2017

II session (bis)

From August 5, 201​7 to September 15, 2017

With delay:

From September 16 to September 22, 2017

 (30,00 Euro for late payment)

From September 23 to November  1​6, 2017

(60,00 Euro for late payment)

November ​23, 2017

December ​1, 2017

December ​7, 2017

March 22,   2018

III session

From December 15, 201​7 to January 15, 2018

With delay:

From January 1​6 to January 22, 2018

 (30,00 Euro for late payment)

From January 2​3 to February ​22, 2018

(60,00 Euro for late payment)

March ​1,   2018

March ​12, 2018

March ​16, 2018


 * Possession of requisite. Within this date students should:

 a.         Have paid all required tuition fees;

 b.         Have completed all exams. Please check on AlmaEsami that all your exams have been registered.

 c.         Have received the approval of the Supervisor. This step includes not only the approval of the title of the thesis but also the contents of the thesis that must be agreed on time with the Supervisor.

 d.         Submission of the receipt of the completed AlmaLaurea questionnaire online or request for exclusion from AlmaLaurea graduates database (by sending an e-mail to the Registrar office).

A week before the thesis defence students must send by e-mail a summary of the thesis (not more than 10 pages) to each component of the Graduation Committee; as for the thesis, the front page of the summary must be the title-page.

 The day of thesis defence graduating students must deliver a copy of the thesis to the S.Co.Re Final Dissertation Committee and, if required, a copy to the Supervisor and to the Co-Supervisor.

The copy delivered to the S.Co.Re Final Dissertation Committee can be printed duplex, with glue binding and title-page in thin cardboard of soft colour.


 The final thesis should be written in English and should be a report of the research project work indicating the scientific results achieved during the student’s internship period. There is not a fixed lengths of pages but they generally vary from 80 to 120 pages (pictures, graphs, tables included).

 The written thesis should be organised in chapters and sub-chapters and contain the following items:

 1.      Introduction

 2.      Research objectives

 3.      State of the art

 4.      Experimentals

 5.      Scientific results

 6.      Results Discussion

 7.      Conclusions

 8.      Bibliography


Basic Text Formatting:

 a.         Use 12-point type;

 b.         Use a standard type face, such as Times New Roman, Courier New, or Arial;

 c.         Use a line-spacing of 1.5;

 d.         Use a 3 cm margin on the right side, 3 cm on the left side, and 3 cm on the top and bottom.




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