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Information for international Exchange Students

STEM welcomes @ UniBO students from foreign Universities attending exchange programs (ERASMUS, Overseas, etc.)

All required courses in the STEM (Sustainabile Technologies and biotechnologies for Energy and Materials) curriculum are given in English.

In order to profit of the courses offered in the STEM curriculum, you must fulfill all the following requirements:

1) Sufficient knowledge of English language. A B2 level in English language is required.

2) Sufficient background. Courses are intended for students holding a three-year bachelor in Chemical Engineering or with at least three years of previous studies in Chemical Engineering. In particular, required courses in the mainstream of Chemical Engineering require a good understanding of mass and energy balances, chemistry, thermodynamics and multiphase equilibria, transport phenomena and unit operations. Check your background before enrolling in the course and contact the teacher if you feel that your background may not be sufficient.

3) Participation to an exchange programme or payment of fees. In order to be allowed to access the course and to be admitted to the final examination, you need to be registered as an international student at the University of Bologna. This requires that you participate to an international program (Erasmus, Overseas, etc.) [link]. As an alternative, you may enroll to University of Bologna paying a specific fee (“single course” enrolment) [link].

Have you considered enrolling in STEM?

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