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Curricular and Extra-curricular internships

Curricular internships are learning activities that allow students to obtain credits to acquire practical skills and make initial contact with the world of work.

Internships are carried out on the basis of an agreement between the University of Bologna and the host structure (company, public body, professional firm etc.) and an internship programme signed by the parties concerned.

1. Who is eligible?

2. When can I present an Internship application?

3. What type of Internship can I choose?

4. Duration

5. Which type of agreement can be chosen?

6. How to activate an internship?

7. What to do before the internship?

8. What to do during the internship?

9. Is it possible to Withdraw, interrupt or suspend the internship?

10. What to do at the end of the internship?

11. Recognition of any working activity as an internship activity

12. Post-graduate internships

13. Insurance cover

14. Additional information


1. Who is eligible?

To take part in an internship, you have to be enrolled and be in your second year of course.


2. When can I present an Internship applications?

It can be done starting from the summer preceding your second year of course. This means that if you enrolled in 2019, you can send a request through Tirocini Online only starting from the summer preceding your second year, which courses start in October 2020. Please note that you can apply in the summer, but the internship for which you apply MUST start in or after October 2020.

However, if you manage to autonomously find an internship (so-called "extra-curricular internship") even during your first year of study, you can ask for the recognition of this activity by following the instructions at point 10. In this case, it is strongly recommended that you check the requirements beforehand.


3. What type of internship can I choose?

I-CONTACT Students may choose 3 types of Internships:

  • 85509 Type D: This first internship belongs to elective activities, so it can be chosen as one of them.
  • 85509 Type F: In this case, you can whether chose between an internship (8 CFU) or 2 workshops (4 CFU + 4 CFU).

It is important to note that students can do both an internship and 2 workshops, but they CANNOT include two internships in their study plan.

  • 86267 TYpe E: This is the INTERNSHIP FOR PREPARATION FOR THE FINAL EXAMINATION  (12 CFU). It corresponds to 400 working hours and can be performed as a part of mobility programmes (Erasmus, Fieldwork). In this case, it can be possible to have it in your study plan together with one of the abovementioned internships.


4. Duration

I-CONTACT internships normally have a duration of 200 hours (8CFU). Please note that internships must be completed within 6 months of their state.

After the approval by the Internship Committee, curricular internships can be carried out at any time of the year.


5. Which type of agreement can be chosen?

PLEASE NOTE: students are not allowed to make internship requests for more than one compa-ny/agency at a time. It’s suggested to search for an interesting company first, then contact them via e-mail or phone and ask them for availability to accept you for an internship. After the company replies that they’re interested in having you for an internship, you can submit your request via the Unibo application Tirocini online:

1. Affiliated companies/agencies: On the Unibo application Tirocini online, you’re only able to find the companies/agencies that hold an agreement with the University. This means that you will be able to consult the list of structures, and in a different section of the application you can also find the already published internship offers:

  • Choosing a published internship offer: Contact the organization of your choice, and make sure they’re interested in having you for an internship (all the contact information can be found on the organization page on the database). If they agree, you can then proceed in sending a request via the Tirocini online application, which will then need to be approved by the office and the Internship Committee. Please note that, even if the company tells you that they’re interested in you for an intership, they can also decide not to accept your request if they find a more suitable request by another student. If your request ends up not being accepted, you’re can then contact a different organization and send another internship request.
    NOTE: None of the Curricular internships activated via the Tirocini online application won't provide students any Scholarship or reimbursement
  • Choosing a company on the website for which there are not published internship offers: This means you’ve been searching the database for companies/organizations (Aziende/Enti), but you can’t find any internship offer by them on the website. In this case, you will have to contact the institution of your choice (all the contact information can be found on the organization page on the database) and, if accepted, ask them to en-ter an offer addressed to you (known as an “ad personam” offer) via the Tirocini online. You’ll have to accept the offer, which will then need to be approved by the office and the Internship Committee.

2. Non-affiliated companies: In this case, the companies don't have an agreement in place with Uni-bo. You can search for external companies, and make sure they want to accept you for an internship. If they agree, you’ll have to ask them to get an agreement with Unibo. The company will have to contact the Unibo internship office via e-mail, which will give them all the information needed. Please also note that all the new agreements must be approved by the Internship Committee. If the agreement is approved, you’ll be able to find the company on Tirocini online, and proceed following what has been said in the previous point “Choosing a company on the website for which there are not published internship offers”.

3. External companies: (also during the first year of study, for recognition of working activi-ties/volunteering): It is possible to recognize internship or working/volunteering activities you’ve done already, if they’re suitable for your course. For more informations about this, please read point 11 “Recognition of an extra-curricular internship or of a work ac-tivity as a curricular intern-ship”.

4. Mobility programmes: Agreements in the framework of mobility programmes (Erasmus+ train-eeship, Fieldwork or others)


6. How to activate an internship?

1. Request: Students can request an internship via the Tirocini online application.
Once you have identified the company, you, your University Tutor and the Host Contact Person need to define your learning objectives and activities, and all other details required to complete the internship programme

2. Internship agreement submission: The Internship agreement entered by you or by the organiza-tion in the internship application (already approved by your university tutor) will need to be sub-mitted to the Committee in due time for assessment. (The internship start date must be later than the meeting of the Committee)

3. Internship approval: If your Internship agreement is approved by the Committee, an email will be sent to your Unibo address with all necessary instructions (signed programme upload and at-tendance register printout).*

* Only for internships advertised in the Unibo application

7. What to do before the internship?

After your internship request is approved, you’ll find on the home page of Tirocini online a link to a website for the online course on workplace health and safety. This course is compulsory for all students.

This course must be passed before starting the internship.


8. What to do during the internship?

During the intership you have to:

- Keep in touch with your University Tutor;

- Record your daily activities in the attendance register (The Internship hours must be recorded daily during the period between the start and the end dates shown on the attendance register; make sure that the attendance register is countersigned by the Host Contact Person in every page and especially in the last one).


IMPORTANT: If you intend to request an extension of your internship (still complying with a max. duration of 6 months), your tutor at the Host Organization will have to request it via e-mail to the Internship Office.


9. Is it possible to Withdraw, interrupt or suspend the internship?

If you intend to withdraw from, suspend or interrupt your internship, you must notify the office stating your reasons to do so.


10. What to do a the end of the Internship?

At the end of the intersnhip you will need to:

-  Upload your attendance register and your final report in the internship application. The attend-ance register must be signed and stamped by your tutor at the host organization, otherwise it will not be considered valid.

- Enter your internship’s end date and fill in the internship survey.

- Contact your University tutor to inform him/her that you completed the internship and to discuss 

your internship activities.

11. Recognition of any working activity as an internship activity

If you want to request the recognition of an intership or of a working activity (or an activity com-parable to it) that you have completed autonomously during your first year of study, you have to:

  • have the internship in your study plan;
  • have completed the activity you carried out (in Italy or abroad);
  • complete the dedicated recognition form available in the attachments section.
  • Send the entire documentation to the Board of the Programme* using the following email


*Please note that the approval of your request is subject to decision of the Board

Before sending your documentation to the Board, make sure that the activities you’ve done during the internship or working activity are close to the subjects of your course, otherwise it will be harder for them to be approved.

12. Post-graduate internships

Postgraduate internships can be carried out within 12 months from graduation. Students are al-lowed to perform a postgraduate internship in Italy or abroad (within the Erasmus+ mobility framework).

If you would like to carry out a postgraduate internship abroad you have to plan it well in advance. For instance, if you plan to graduate in March 2021, you must apply for Erasmus + grant in Spring 2020.


13. Insurance cover

The University of Bologna guarantees to its students a full insurance benefit against accidents at work and third-party liability claims. These policies are provided by insurance companies special-ised in the sector.

In the event of travel to locations or structures not indicated in the approved curricular internship programme, you can request an extension of the insurance cover - even during the internship - on condition that the travel concerned is consistent with the objectives of the internship. Your com-pany/organization tutor will have to send an email to the Internship office stating the date; you will need to be accompanied by him/her or by a representative and you are not allowed to use your own means of transport.


14. Additional information 

-  When do the workshops take place?

They always take place in September. Please consider that 100 % of attendance is obligatory.

  • What happens to the classes missed during internships?

Usually the classes missed by students because of the internship are prepared as non-attending students and the exam will be given following the pre-arranged examination ses-sions.

  • Can I propose a foreign institution or only an Italian one? if I don't act within a call (erasmus+ or fieldwork) will I still receive a scholarship?

Yes, internships can be carried out also in foreign institutions, but you will receive a scholarship only in the framework of a mobility programmes


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