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Programme aims

Specific Learning outcomes The post-graduate Master'sdegree programme in Specialized Translation aims to train highly competenttranslators who are able to work in a range of specialist areas: technological,legal, economic, business, medical-pharmacological, ICT, multimedia, andothers. They will possess appropriate terminological and terminographicalexpertise and will have gained experience of the publishing world, as well as athorough background in language and culture. Such competencies are specificallytailored to businesses, associations, and public/private institutions at homeand… Read more

Admission requirements

Access requirements To enrol in the post-graduate Master's degree programme in Specialized Translation candidates must possess a basic grounding in the culture and literature of their chosen languages, as well as communication skills to use in inter-linguistic and intercultural interactions from and into Italian and at least two foreign languages. Candidates are required to have a C1 level of competence in these languages which, according to the common European framework of reference for languages, entails the ability to understand a wide range of long and complex texts, to understand… Read more